The following guides will be useful to those requiring help with their bowling.
Note that you will need to have a pdf viewer such as Acrobat Reader to be able to access these files.
You can download this from

Beginners Guide to Bowls

Bowls Etiquette

Bowls Structure in W&DBC


As a club Welwyn and District would like to offer the best quality coaching possible, to current members as well as to new members. Coaching is a vital resource within a club that needs to benefit all. Even if you have not received recent coaching, you can benefit from others who have. I'm sure all members would like to play with players who have a better understanding of the game and who can contribute more to matches being played.
Our coaching staff will always endeavour to coach new bowlers to the best of our abilities, giving them the tools to get involved in the playing side of the club. We would also like to offer coaching to existing members. As time is a precious commodity, I would like any member who feels that they would benefit from coaching sessions, to get in touch with me at or on 07792256003. Please be aware that I work in schools and so can’t always answer my phone.
Try to have a clear idea of what you want to achieve or work on in these sessions and please remember, your coach can only observe and feedback to you what they are observing. They can then give you some advice and exercises to work on. It will be up to you to practise, so as to achieve your goal.
Finally, the more coaches we have the more we can offer. If anyone is interested in becoming a coach, please contact me on> only.

Coaching on an individual or group level can be arranged through Joe or any of the other coaching staff (Jim Summerfield, Jean Webb, Mary Clements, Diana Barrett, Mike Poole, Barry Smith, Ted Webb).