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Putting the green to bed for the winter. October 2016

Jones Cup - 22 July 2016

WDBC played Harperbury in the 2nd round of the competition. The home rink of Joe Festa, Alwyn Challacombe, Ian Snook and Chris Sherriff lost 21 shots to 24 shots. The away team of John Lee, Kevin Rylett, Mike Poole and Barry Smith won by 23 shots to 8 shots. So overall WDBC won by 44 shots to 32 shots.
This win means that WDBC are now through to the semi-final of this competition.
John Lee

East Herts League- 21 July 2016

following hot on the tail of Welwyn Muntjacs (but one division higher) Welwyn Harts won their home game against Cheshunt. Andy Scholes, Jim McKeown and David Bundy had a comfortable win 20-9; Ian Whitcombe, Les Page and Ted Webb won by one shot having been behind from the third to the fourteenth end and then trailing again until a two on the last end sealed the win.

East Herts League- 19 July 2016

Welwyn Muntjacs have cracked it at last! They travelled to Standon & Puckeridge on Tuesday and had a convincing win, scoring 48 – 26. The team of Eddie Goodhall, Ian Kilford and Mick Clements won 33 – 8, but Ray Mercy, John Gibbs and Tony Holdcroft lost 15 – 18 after rallying to score 6 shots on the last 4 ends. The four points gained could lift them a place further up the table (from 13th place to 12th!)
Mick Clements

Herts County League- 19 July 2016

Welwyn and District were away at de Havilland and both theladies and the men won their matches.
For the men John Brown, Kevin Rylett, Barry Smith and Phil Russell won by 27 shots to 14; Joe Festa, Norman Muller, Ian Snook and Chris Sherriff won by 30 shots to 11. The overall men's result was a win for Welwyn & District by 57 shots to 25
John Lee

Welwyn Hatfield League- 18 July 2016

Welwyn Woods were away at Greenside. Tony Holdcroft, Joe Festa and Alwyn Challacombe had a comfortable win but Jim McKeown, Ted Webb and Jean Webb were less fortunate until Jean's final bowl crept in for second leaving the combined result one shot in Welwyn's favour. Four more points to add to their already impressive total.

Friendly Match - 16 July 2016

Away at Baldock we won on 2 rinks; lost on 2 rinks. Baldock Club won over-all 78-59.
The game was played in a very friendly atmosphere. The W&DBC bowlers were made very welcome and it was nice to see 2 young lads playing for Baldock.
The winning rinks for WDBC Andy Scholes, David Charlwood, Pat Thompson, 19-15: Norma Carter, Graham Hart &Janet Mercy, 19-14.
Norma Carter

Friendly Match - 13 July 2016

5 mixed rinks from Welwyn comprising of 13 ladies and 7 men enjoyed a Friendly match at Batchwood Hall. We lost by 15 shots, the result being 77 - 92. The skip of the winning rink was Mary Clements who was in very good form. We were happy to welcome Joy Dowers who played in her first Friendly match away - hopefully, the first of many.
Pat Thompson

East Herts League - 11 July 2016

The Bucks won at home to Rosedale getting 6 points.
Dave Humphries, Norman Muller, Ian Snook won 20 - 11; John Brown, Kevin Rylett, Stan Kenworthy won 46 - 6; The overall score being 66 - 17 shots will improve our shots total.
In all honesty, they were not a very good side with none of the clubs top players with them. However, we had a very friendly enjoyable game.
This result gives the Bucks 28 points and almost ensures that we will be in Division 1 next season.
Stan Kenworthy

The Harts got only their second points from the season at Sawbridgeworth, winning on both rinks and taking the full six points

Gerald Scott Trophy - 10 July 2016

The annual Gerald Scott Memorial Day Gala was held on Sunday 10th July at Hatfield and attracted quality teams from across Hertfordshire. Sixteen teams competed for the coveted trophy including our highly motivated four from Welwyn & District.
Joe Festa, Kevin Rylett, Peter Townsend and skip Barry Smith represented the club and were unbeaten in the first three games. Victory in the last game would secure the trophy.
The rink for game four proved to be difficult but under the leadership and direction of our vocal skip we delivered the victory to maintain our unbeaten record and secure the prize. The presentation of the impressive trophy was carried out by Herts Bowls President Nigel Woor.
An enjoyable days bowling and a wonderful fund raising event for Herts Bowls charities.

Kevin Rylett

East Herts League - 7 July 2016

The Bucks managed to get a 4 point win at Sawbridgeworth, thanks to Alan Dawson and David Woodman agreeing to sign on and play in the match. Our squad was depleted for various reasons and they both played an important part in the result we managed to grind out. The teams were ; Alan Dawson, John Brown, Stan Kenworthy. :- Won 21 shots to 10 shots; David Woodman, Kevin Rylett, Norman Muller. :- Lost 10 shots to 18 shots.
In all fairness, I think that Norman's team were playing their strongest triple, but still managed to keep the game tight enough for us to get the win.

Stan Kenworthy

Jones Cup - 1 July 2016

Welwyn & District played Batchwood Hall BC yesterday evening winning at both venues.
The home team, consisting of Joe Festa, Alwyn Challacombe, Ian Snook and Chris Sherriff won by 47 shots to 9.
The away team, consisting of Mike Poole, John Lee, Barry Smith and Phil Russell won by 25 shots to 20
So the overall score was 72 shots to 29 shots.
Our next game will be on 22nd July against Harperbury BC
John Lee

East Herts League - 30 June 2016

Impressive win last night for the Stags playing away at Rosedale. Both triples were always in control. 4-45 and 13-29 gave a combined score of 13-74. Another six points towards the league title !
Alwyn Challacombe

East Herts League 27 June 2016

The Bucks played at Welwyn against Hertingfordbury taking four points on the evening.
Team 'A" - Malcolm Baldwin, Jim Summerfield, Stan Kenworthy won by 29 shots to 7 shots. Team 'B' - Dave Humphries, Peter Townsend, Ian Snook lost by 13 shots to 20 shots against.
Stan's team were in control right though the match winning twelve ends out of the 18. Ian's team were in front 13 shots to 6 shots on the 11th end but then did not score again. At that point it looked hopeful for a 6 point win but the wheels came off. However, it is another win for the season.
Stan Kenworthy

Confortable Conservatories Sponsorship 2016

Welwyn and District Bowls Club are delighted to announce that they have entered into a sponsorship agreement with Comfortable Conservatories, a nation wide company based in Milton Keynes, for 2016. Comfortable Conservatories have had great success with business in Welwyn and surrounding areas, solving many households' conservatory problems by simply lowering the temperature of the room during the summer, as well as keeping the conservatory warm throughout the winter.
Showroom Manager Helen Priday is seen handing over a cheque to Club President Mary Clements accompanied by Sales Manager Jason Thomas, Assistant Marketing Manager Jade Priday and Welwyn's Club Membership Secretary Alex Benton.
Helen said " We as a company are thrilled to show some local support by way of sponsorship, with the intention of helping the growth of Welwyn and District Bowls Club to reach a wider audience. We are really excited to be working closely with Welwyn and District Bowls Club and look forward to being part of their upcoming events, also Jade is really looking forward to her game of bowls with Mary.”
Alex said “We are delighted with the outcome and look forward to working closely with Comfortable Conservatories throughout the season. This sponsorship will allow us to continue with the improvements to the infrastructure of the club. It will also enable us to be able to offer the opportunity to encourage new members, who are always welcome, to join the club” Comfortable Conservatories will have a presence at several events in the grounds of the club between now and the end of the season.

Friendly Match - 25 June 2016

Our home friendly with Northaw & Cuffley finished just before the rains came. The visitors won 80-69. Our highest rink was skipped by Middleton Cup newcomer Phil Russell, whose ten year old daughter Rhianna played her first friendly as lead.

East Herts League - 16 June 2016

Another disappointing night for the Harts as they lost on both rinks to the visiting Knights. David Bundy, Jim McKeown and skip Dave Owens game close but dropped shots on the last end to lose by four.

Welwyn Hatfield League - 16 June 2016

In the John Brown Trophy, welwyn Woods home team beat the de Havilland visitors, whilst the away team triumped in a run-away win, so the Woods go through to the next round.

Good News for the Welwyn Wanderers. In a second division match at Hatfield the wanderers defeated de Havilland 41 shots to 28, winning one triple and losing the other. DeHav v Janet Mercer/Bob Bennet/Peter Bower 18 – 12. DeHav v Ray Mercer/Ron Thurman/Les Page 10 – 29.
Written on their outside daily activity board they had written that they were playing ‘Welwyn Wonders’
Should we change our name? Les Page

Ladies Friendly at Potters Bar - 15 June 2016

The Ladies played three triples; a very friendly match, weather remained sunny. W&DBC won on 2 rinks and lost on 1 rink, and the final score was a draw. 49 to both teams.
Norma Carter

east Herts League 13 June 2016

Bucks Teams 'A' & 'C' played in the away fixture at Datchworth.
Malcolm Baldwin, Jim Summerfield, Stan Kenworthy. lost 15 shots to 17 shots
John Brown, Kevin Rylett, Norman Muller. lost 16 shots to 18 shots.
Both the Datchworth teams got off to a flying start, Normans triple were 10 - 3 down after 7 ends and Stan's were also down 11 - 2 after 7 ends. However, both teams dug in and pulled the scores back. Although Normans team won 11 of the 18 ends, they just failed to get their noses in front. Stan's team did manage to get in front on the 14th end but a 4 dropped on the 17th put them behind at the finish. In view of the fact that Datchworth had very strong triples out, the end result was not too dire. Normans team in particular are starting to gel together showing a good team spirit. We are now under pressure to get some results in our next 3 matches or we will be part of the relegation dog fight at the end of the season.
Stan Kenworthy

Friendly at Sawbridgeworth - 12 June 2016

It was a really friendly game at Sawbridgeworth. They won on three rinks but Welwyn won on overall shots. And we managed to escape the rain that had been forecast.

County Two Wood day - 11 June 2016

Phil Russell was victorious at the Stevenage 2 wood day. Chris Sherriff lost to Bradley Coles in the Garston final. Well done to all of today's Welwyn & District participants. Phil now goes through to the County Final.
Deb Squires

Friendly Match - 9 June 2016

On a gloriously sunny afternoon Welwyn had a most enjoyable match against a very sociable Stevenage Town team. The overall score was a win for Welwyn 73 - 62. Betty Singleton, Barry Kniveton and Ed Goodall were the top winning rink with a score of 25 - 10.
Pat Thompson

Friendly Match - 7 June 2016

Welwyn and District played host to North Herts on what started as a pleasant afternoon. Sadly after eight ends the rains came, and after a break for a cup of tea it was decided to abandon the match.

Welwyn Hatfield League - 6th June 2016

The Welwyn Woods and Datchworth Greens met at Datchworth for the battle between the top two places in division one. A very late welcome inclusion of super sub, Ted Webb, made sure the game was not forfeited. Ted had another good match as lead and more than helped Val and Alwyn Challacombe to a 17-14 victory. Skip, Mick Clements, on the other rink, ably supported by Andy Scholes and Mary Clements, had an excellent victory of 20-13.
Overall the Woods won 37-27, taking maximum points to stay top of division one.
Alwyn Challacombe

Eversley Trophy - 3 June 2016

Welwyn & District won their match against North by 73 shots to 42. Welwyn won on two rinks and drew on the third. This was a very good win, away from home on a most testing Green and especially as last minute illness necessitated some team changes. The high point of the evening was achieved by Mike Poole, Kevin Rylett, Alwyn Challacombe and Barry Smith who achieved a hotshot on their thirteenth end. The card will be sent away for recognition.
We now progress to the next round
Jonn Lee

County Officers' Singles - 2 June 2016

Mike Poole has reached the County Officers' Singles Semi-Final for the third year running by beating John Abson of Oak Hill BC by 21 shots to 8.
In the semi-final being played on Tuesday 19th July at Hatfield BC he will be playing Harry Wright of Sele Farm BC.

East Herts League - 31 May 2016

In Division 1 Welwyn Bucks were away to Bengeo Blues. The result was a win for the Bucks 35 shots to 25 shots.
Teams :- Malcolm Baldwin, Jim Summerfield, Stan Kenworthy.      John Brown, Kevin Rylett, Norman Muller.
Norman's team made steady progress throughout the match being in the lead from start to finish. Some fine lead bowling from John laid a good foundation for Kevin and Norman to build on. Their score was 17 shots to 10 shots.
Stan's team were under pressure for a major part of the match. However, a 4 and 2 shots on the last two ends gave us an 18 shots to 15 shots win.
An overall good performance to pick up 6 points away from home on a difficult green. Stan Kenworthy

National Top Club - 29 May 2016

Welwyn and District played in the above competition away against Welwyn Graden City and lost. W&DBC won on one rink (triples) and WGC won on the other four disciplines.
John Lee

Herts Officers Singles - 29 May 2016

Kevin Rylett travelled to Oakhill for the third round of the Hert's Officers singles to play against the experienced John Abson with Mike Poole awaiting the winner in the quarter final. On a challenging green the game ebbed and flowed and there was never more than a couple of shots between the bowlers. After 19 ends Kevin led 20-19 and was holding shot on the 20th end until his opponent moved the shot bowl to hold two to win the game at the death 21-20. An excellent game, played in great spirit and enjoyed by the crowd of two men and no dog.
Kevin Rylett

Ranson Cup Preliminary round - May 2016

W&DBC played against Much Hadham in the preliminary round. The home rink consisting of Mike Poole, Chris Vall'e, Barry Smith and Chris Sherriff won by 30 shots to 12. The away rink, playing on a testing and heavy surface at Much Hadham was represented by John Lee, Jim Summerfield, Stan Kenworthy and Phillip Russell won by 21 shots to 15.
So an overall win by 51 shots to 27 sees W&DBC through to the 1st Round which will be away against either Shire Park or Aston BC. on 23rd June.
John Lee

East Herts League - 24 May 2016

The Muntjacs travelled to Sawbridgeworth in the East Herts League on Tuesday. On a chilly evening and with two players who had not played at all this season, the result was disappointing, losing by 27 shots to 60. The highlight of the evening was the journey to and from Sawbridgeworth in Eddie’s taxi !

East Herts League - 23 May 2016

Newly promoted Welwyn Harts travelled to Rosehill BC for their first match of the season. Rosehill finished fifth in the division last year so it was perhaps no surprise that Harts lost on both rinks on a challenging green.

National Two Fours - 22 May 2016

As you will already know, WDBC entered two teams this year, which had not happened for many years.
Some club members suggested that this was not the thing to do as our club was not strong enough in depth to successfully operate two teams. Well I am most pleased to report that BOTH teams WON earlier today.
Team A played against Harperbury BC. The team was John Lee, Mick Clements, Stan Kenworthy and Phil Russell who won 28-10, and Mike Poole, Peter Townsend, Barry Smith and Chris Sherriff who won 28-13.
So an overall win by 56 shots to 23
Team B played against Shire Park. The team was John Brown, Kevin Rylett, Andy Scholes and Alwyn challacombe who won 22-11, and Joe Festa, Dave Owen, Norman Muller and Ian Snook who won 26-18.
So an overall win by 50 shots to 29
John Lee

Inter-Club Team Championship - Eversley - 20 May 2016

Welwyn and District played their first competitive match of the season, at home, on Friday 20th May, against Harperbury BC
The teams were:
John Lee, Norman Muller, Jim Summerfield and Phil Russell, who won 20 shots to 13
Joe Festa, Mick Clements, Ian Snook and Chris Sherriff who won by 23 shots to 10
Mike Poole, Kevin Rylett, Alwyn Challacombe and Barry Smith who won by 36 shots to 9
So with an overall score result of 79 shots to 32 Welwyn and District progress through to the next round which will be an away fixture against North Mymms BC
John Lee

Welwyn Hatfield League - 19 May 2016

Although two 'new' leads were drafted into the Woods they continued with their successful start to the season. The Woods were represented by Jean Webb, who had an excellent game and was instrumental in her teams win, Mary Clements and skip Mick Clements. They beat Datchworth Yellows 21-9. Norma Carter, Val Challacombe and skip Alwyn Challacombe beat their Datchworth opponents 20-11.
Overall score 41-20 and six more points for the Woods. Alwyn Challacombe

Eat Herts League League - 18 May 2016

Welwyn Muntjacs played their second match of the season away against Rosehill Kestrels on Wednesday. After a delayed start, the team of Graham Hart, Tony Holdcroft and Alan Fitts led until the last end when they dropped 3 shots to lose 17-18. The other team of Alex Benton, Mick Clements and Don Ellis won 16-13, with Alex playing well in his first competitive game. Thanks to the reserves Tony and Mick. Mick Clements

County Fours - 17 May 2016

Mike Poole, Barry Smith, Chris Sherriff, & Phil Russell, won 25-17 at Oak Hill on a very testing rink.

East Herts League - 16 May 2016

Buck got off to a flying start with a 6 point win over Aston Whistlers. However, in both matches Aston held the upper hand for the first few ends. David Humphreys, Peter Townsend and Ian Snook were 9 shots to 2 shots down after 5 ends and Malcolm Baldwin, Jim Summerfield and Stan Kenworthy were 5 shots to 1 shot down after 4 ends. Ian's triple had a very tight game going into the last end all square but managing to get 2 shots to win the game 16 shots to 14 shots. Stan's triple eventually ran away with their game winning 29 shots to 9 shots.
Match Result :- Welwyn Bucks 45 shots Aston Whistlers 23 shots.

Welwyn Hatfield League - 16 May 2016

Welwyn Woods travelled to Kimpton. Joe Festa, Val Challacombe and Alwyn Challacombe were in complete controlof their game from the start and ran out 24-11 winners. Jim McKeown, Ted Webb and Jean Webb battled against the green and an opposing skip who frequently managed to come in with a telling bowl at the end, and eventually lost 15-16. Four points to the Woods however, and an improvement over last year's result at Kimpton.

Tony Allcock Trophy - 15 May 2016

Welwyn and District made their first appearance in the Tony Allcock Trophy on Sunday. The competition is for two mixed rinks with an aggregated score. The club was represented by Val Challacombe, Norma Carter, Alwyn Challacombe and skip Barry Smith. The other rink was Mike Poole, Petra Kniveton, Mary Clements and skip Mick Clements. The stronger teams on the day were on opposite rinks and so it was vital to be aware of each other's score. After nineteen ends the score on Barry Smith's rink was 24-14 whilst on Mick Clements' it was 14-24; aggregated score 36 all. It came down to the final end and the penultimate bowl to make one additional shot for Welwyn. Unfortunately it did not happen and after 21 ends Harpenden won 42-43 .
It’s not normal to name an individual player but there were some stunning shots made by the ladies captain ,Norma Carter, which earned her the affectionate nickname of "pocket rocket".
Alwyn Challacombe

Individual successes - w/e 15 May 2016

Val Challacombe played her first representative Hertfordshire County match against Middlesex at Harperbury on Friday 13th May. Fortunately she is not superstitious and went into the match enthusiastically but with some trepidation. She was pleased with her performance and assisted her rink to a winning score 26-15. Hertfordshire finished the day victorious. At the post match gathering Val was awarded her county badge.
Alwyn Challacombe.
Barry Smith, Chris Sherriff and Phil Russell won their County Triples match against a Hrperbury triple 27-2 fater 14 ends.Everyone played well but Phil was "on fire".
Barry Smith

Welwyn Hatfield League - 12 May 2016

Welwyn Woods started off the new season of the Welwyn Hatfield League division 1 with a win against Greenside. Mary Clements' team had a comfortable game and had a good lead for most of the game resulting with a win of 23 shots to 13; but on the other rink Tony Holdcroft's team had quite a struggle with the score very close all through the gam. The game was decided on the last bowl. Greenside were one shot behind on the last end and were holding two shots but the Welwyn skip managed to move the jack with his last wood and got two shots to finish the game 18 to the Woods 16 to Greenside. Six points and anoverall score of 41-29.
Tony Holdcroft
In division 2 Welwyn Wanderers had an emphatic 34-24 win against Knebworth Yellow.
Royce Venting

Friendly match v. de Havilland - 11 May 2016

A closely fought contest which Welwyn and District won overall by three shots thanks to the win of Royce Venting, Sylvia Hill and skip Ted Webb who won 20-13. Doreen Fitts, Graham Hart and skip Mick Clements were the other winning Welwyn triple, winning by just one shot whilst the other member of the Fitts family, Alan, playing with Jenny Hart and skip Diana Barrett, lost by the same amount. Dave Charlewood, Dorothy Henton and skip Val Challacombe did the post match washing up having lost by 4 shots.

EHBL Pairs Preliminary Round Result - 11 May 2016

Playing at Datchworth BC, Mike Poole & Chris Sherriff of Welwyn & District Bowls Club beat Derek Henley & Steve Chamberlain of Datchworth BC 33 - 5 shots

East Herts League, Division 3 - 10 May 2016

The newly formed Muntjacs team played their first match against former division 2 Cuffley Hawks on a damp Tuesday evening, with three members of the team playing their first competitive game. Ian Kilford, Eddie Goodhall and Mick Clements lost 11-24 but the other team of Graham Hart, John Chalkley and Alan Fitts were neck and neck all the way, and one shot up after 17 ends, but unfortunately dropped three on the last end to lose 16-18.

First competitive matches of the season. w/e 8 May

The Stags opened their new season’s campaign with an emphatic win against Sele Farm ,Hertford. The newly formed triple teams for this season quickly acclimatized to the fast green prepared by Chris Sherriff and were always in control of the game.
Joe Festa playing his first game for the Stags blended well with the older members Barry Smith and Chris Sherriff. Chris had very little volume to his voice, as he unfortunately had the beginnings of a cold and had to communicate using sign language with his number two Barry. I’m not sure he always understood the two metre sign!
Phil Russel skipped the other Stags team in his usual uncompromising style. He was ably assisted by Mike Poole and Alwyn Challacombe is this new venture of playing two leads together.
The scores were 30-9 and 24-16 respectively. The overall score 54-25 with Welwyn taking all the six match points on offer.
Alwyn Challacombe

The SADBA Maurice Watson Trophy is always the first competition of every new year bowls season. This year it was held at Harpenden. Welwyn were represented by Alwyn Challacombe, Mick Clements, Norman Muller and skip Ian Snook. Twelve teams were put into the hat and Welwyn drew Berkhamsted. An enjoyable afternoon saw the Welwyn team win 25-13. The score difference was good enough to put them in third place their best result for four years.
Alwyn Challacombe

In the Welwyh Hatfield League the Welwyn Wanderers drew at home with de Havilland. Cyn Blakes, David Blakes and John Brown won 20-16 whilst Ian Kilford, Ray Uffen and Gloria Turner lost 14-18.
In the first friendly match of the season Welwyn and District had a convincing win on all rinks against Radlett. Stars of the day were Peter Carter, Val Challacombe and Jean Webb who won 40-1.

Breakfast Bowls - 23 April 2016

A good breakfast was enjoyed by all who attended, then we went out onto the green for the official opening of the 2016 season.