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East Herts League (Final) - 6 September

The East Herts League season is over, and the newly promoted Welwyn Bucks showed the Stags the way finishing fourth, whilst the Stags could only manage ninth place this year.

Friendly Match - 6 September

Welwyn and District entertained Welwyn Garden City for a friendly match and came out winners on a most enjoyable afternoon.
We won four of the six triples the most notable rinks being – Pauline Richardson, Sylvia Lane and skip Mike Poole winning 30 - 7; Peter Wingham , Gary Shore ad skip Jean Webb winning 26 -11' Margaret Holdcroft, Royce Venting, Tony Holdcroft winning 19 – 7; Pat Thompson, Val Challacombe and skip Mick Clements 22- 10
This gave an overall score of 113 shots to 78 in Welwyn and Districts favour.
Alwyn Challacombe

Welwyn & Hatfield League Finals - 30th August

Welwyn & District picked up Four Trophies at the Welwyn & Hatfield League Finals this year. Welwyn Woods beat Division One team WGC Knights in the Jubilee cup, with the rink of Liz Edwards, Margaret Holdcroft, Gus Edwards and skip Tony Holdcroft winning by 21 - 13 and the rink of Val Challacombe, Alan Fitts, Averil Balnaves and skip Alwyn Challacombe winning by 18 - 16, giving the Woods a win by 39 - 29. Both rinks were hard fought and were very close until the last couple of ends. Welwyn Woods then lost to Divsision One team Greenside in a very close game in the John Brown Trophy, with the rink of Liz Edwards , Jim Mckeown and skip Gus Edwards losing by 21 - 20 and the rink of Val Challacombe, Alwyn Challacombe and skip Tony Holdcroft losing by 17 - 15, giving Greenside a win by 38 - 35. Welwyn Woods then picked up their trophy as runners up in Division 2, while Welwyn Wanderers picked up the last trophy, which was the wooden spoon for finishing bottom of Division 2. Thanks to de Havilland for hosting the event and to the supporters who turned out to watch on a cold day.

Tony Holdcroft picking up the Div 2 runners up trophy.

The Woods team picking up the Jubilee trophy, with from left to right, Liz Edwards, Alan Fitts, Averil Balnaves, Val Challacombe, Alayn Challacombe, Tony Holdcroft, Gus Edwards and Margaret Holdcroft.

The Woods runners up team in the John Brown Trphy, with from left to right Liz Edwards, Gus Edwards, Tony Holdcroft, Val Challacombe, Alwyn Challacombe and at the front the ubiquitous Jim Mckeown.
Gus Edwards

Welwyn Hatfield League - August

Differing fortunes for the two Welwyn and District Teams this year as the season comes to an end. Welwyn Woods finished second on shot difference to WGC Crusaders whilst the Wanderers finished at the other end of the table. Next year will be a different proposition for the Woods as they will be promoted to division 1.

East Herts League - 25 August

In a game rescheduled from May to the end of the season the Bucks entertained Hertingfordbury in what we suspect was the battle for 3rd place in the listings. As it turned out the Bucks season finished more with a wimper than with all guns blazing like last season as they lost 23-49 on the night. However, despite losing 3 of the last 4 games of the season and with only the 6 points at Sele Farm to celebrate in August, a fourth place finish is more than we had dared hope for in our first season in the top flight, and probably a better result than the Stags will achieve. Well done everyone. We can at least look forward to 2015 with confidence.
Chris Read

Friendly Match v Royston - 24th August

Welwyn & District had a good win away to Royston, winning on two rinks, losing on two and drawing on one. The rink of Frank Crampton, Betty Singleton and skip Alan Fitts won by 18 - 9, the rink of Pat Thompson, Sheila Grimmant and skip Norman Muller won by 19 - 11. The rink of Gloria Turner, Gary Shore and skip Ted Webb drew 18 shots each.
Gus Edwards

Friendly Match v Clarence Park - 24th August

Welwyn & District had an excellent win over Clarence Park at the week-end in both their Men's and Ladies friendly matches. In the Men's match, the rink of Royce Venting, Gary Shore and skip Alan Fitts won by 23 - 17, the rink of Derek Fletcher, Kevin Rylett and skip Tony Holdcroft won 21 - 16 and the rink of Raymond Uffen, Malcolm Marvell and skip Gus Edwards won by 23 - 17, giving an overall score of 64 - 47 in Welwyn's favour. In the Ladies match, the rink of Liz Edwards, Doreen Fitts, Averil Balnaves and skip Barbara Marvell lost by 13 - 24, while the rink of Pat Thompson, Sylvia Lane, Dorothy Henton and skip Betty Singleton won by 33 - 15, giving an overall score of 46 - 39 in Welwyn's favour.
Gus Edwards

East Herts League - 20 August

Bucks penultimate match of the season with bragging rights at stake took place on Wednesday evening. With both teams 'at home' and the Bucks having had the better season so far it was expected to be a real ding dong affair. As things turned out, it was like that on one rink with Ian Snook, Norman Muller, and David Humphreys eventually going down 14-17 to Barry Smith, John Lee, and Alwyn Challacombe after a really exciting game where both teams took their turn at leading the way.
The match on the other rink was Chris Read, Colin Gray and Tony Holdcroft v Phil Russell, Peter Townsend, and Mike Poole. It was a bit of a disappointment in terms of excitement with Phil Russell having one of those games where he was unbeatable, saving and winning end after end such that the Bucks lost 22-13.
Overall an evening with lots of friendly banter between the rivals and zero points for the the Bucks. If the Stags can get their act together again for the rest of their season, they might yet catch the Bucks in the league.
Chris Read

Friendly Match v Sandy - 20th August

Welwyn & District played Sandy Conservatives Bowls Club in a friendly for the first time and came out the winners in a very enjoyable match, with several new bowlers playing in both sides. The rink of Gloria Turner, Tony Smith and skip Norman Muller lost 7 shots to 17 and the rink of Kevin Rylett, Jim Mckeown and skip Betty Singleton lost 15 shot to 19. However the rink of Royce Venting, Sylvia Ducat Brown and Andy Scholes won 17 shots to 13, the rink of Derek Eldridge, Pat Thompson and skip Robert Ducat Brown won 18 shot to 13 and the rink of Ron Thurman, Liz Edwards and skip Gus Edwards won 26 shots to 7, This gave an overall score of 83 shots to 69 in Welwyn & District’s favour.
Gus Edwards

Ladies Gala Day - 20 August

The weather kept fine, and a good day's bowling ended up with two teams tieing on points for first place so ends won had to be resorted to to find the vemtual winners. Sele Farm (June Lonergan, Hazel Ottley and Margaret Bennion, who also won the spider) just beat The Three Bs (Val Bingley, Lee Parker and Brenda Houghton) with Croxley Guild (Carol Rudge, Sue Judge and Sue McMachlan) finishing third in their first ever Gala entry. (Click on names for photos). Prizes were presented by Club President, Sue Wingham.

Welwyn Hatfield League - 19 August

Yet another success for the Welwyn Woods on Tuesday evening playing against Harlequins in the Welwyn and Hatfield League Jubilee Cup semi-finals. The team playing at home were Val and Alwyn Challacombe, Avril Balnaves and Alan Fitts who had a tough game against a strong team from Harlequins. The home team were struggling as on the 11th end they were 18 shots to 4 down. However, on the 12th end they managed to gain 6 shots which seemed to turn the game around in their favour thus, making a come back, they managed to finish the game losing by just one shot.
Meanwhile the away team of Gus and Liz Edwards and Margaret and Tony Holdcroft had a very friendly away match on Harlequins green at Hertford finishing the game with a score of 23 to 16 giving the Welwyn Woods a win by 7 shots. This gave the Welwyn Woods an overall win of 6 shots securing a place in the finals of the Jubilee Cup.
Tony Holdcroft

East Herts League - 18 August

A remarkable evening for the Bucks on Monday visiting Hartham to play Sele Farm, and a game of two halves this time - on one rink at least. It was the team of Stan Kenworthy, Norman Muller, and Malcolm Baldwin who made the headlines with the mother of all comebacks. Trailing 19-4 at 12 ends, having had 'no woods in the head' again, according to the skip. the team turned it around to win the game 21-19. They must have been saving all their good woods till the end??
The second triple of Chris Read, Colin Gray, and Tony Holdcroft also had a good match, but without the needing to hit the panic button, and ran out winners by 20 shots to 10. So from looking like it would be a mere 2 points at 7.45, the Bucks had all 6 secured by 8.30 and still in with a chance of finishing in the top 3 of Division 1. All topped off by a good supper courtesy of Harry Wright and his lads. Stags next on Wednesday - that should be an interesting one!!
Chris Read

Friendly Match v Whit Hern - 16th August

On a fine but breezy afternoon, Welwyn & District came out winners in their friendly, but competitive match with Whit Hern. Top rink for Welwyn was that of Pauline Richardson/Royce Venting (each playing half a match), Colin Duxbury and skip Tony Holdcroft, who won by 26 shots to 6. Welwyn & District won on four of the other five rinks, with the rink of Doreen Fitts, Kevin Rylett and skip Barry Smith winning by 24 shots to 9, the rink of Dorothy Henton, Sheila Grimmant and skip Mike Poole winning by 24 shots to 15, the rink of Liz Edwards, Peter Wingham and skip Gus Edwards winning by 18 shots to 15 and the rink of Margaret Holdcroft, Alan Fitts and skip Sue Wingham winning by 17 shots to 15. The only blemish was the rink of Gloria Turner, Gary Shore and skip Norma Carter, who lost by 14 shots to 19, but even this rink was very close right up to the last end. The overall score was a win to Welwyn & District by 123 shots to 79.
Gus Edwards

Friendly at Shephalbury - 14 August

On an afternoon shortened by the weather Welwyn and District came out winners in an enjoyable and friendly match away at Shepalbury. Top rink for Welwyn was that of Margaret Holdcroft, Petra Kniverton, Alan Fitts and skip John Lee, who won by 30 shots to 8, while the rink of Cyn Blakes, Ron Currell, Gary Shore and skip Tony Holdcroft won by 13 shots to 11; the rink of Tony Smith, Kevin Rylett, Jim Mckeown and skip Sylvia Hill drew 15 shots each and the rink of Moira Mckeown, Royce Venting, Dave Blakes and skip Gus Edwards lost by 25 shots to 8. This gave an overall score of 66 shots to 59 in Welwyn and Districts favour, which was a very good result considering that there were a number of new members playing.
Gus Edwards

East Herts League - 12 August

Not such a great night for the Bucks this time out. Hosting a very strong Castles team at Welwyn on Tuesday evening the Bucks got a reminder that they were not quite as good as they hoped they might be. In what was always going to be a tough match, the final result was 47-19 to Castles.
Stan Kenworthy, Colin Gray, and Malcolm Baldwin never really got going and lost 14-26 with Stan to be heard commenting frequently on the value of woods in the head. Ian Snook, Chris Read, and Tony Holdcroft started well and were 13-4 up after 7 ends, but then managed only 2 further points in the rest of the game with the opposing skip pulling off some excellent recovery shots. Someone said he had played for England under 25's - true or not it looked like he could have done!
Anyway, 'nul points' for the Bucks on the night. Time to regroup and refocus before going to Sele Farm next week. Thanks to Pauline, yet again, for supper - the highlight of the evening!
Chris Read

friendly Match - 12 August

The match against Hertford ended in an overall draw, 76-76. Norma Carter’s rink lost 20-24, Mary’ Clements' rink won 19-17. Mike Poole’s rink won 21-19, and Norman Muller’s rink drew 16-16.
Mary Clements

Welwyn Hatfield League - 1st August

The Welwyn Woods played the Semi-Final of The John Brown Trophy against W.G.C Crusaders on a very pleasant Friday Evening. The games were played in a very Friendly spirit and were closely contested by both teams. The home team of Alwyn and Val Challacombe with skip Tony Holdcroft had a hard game managing to stay in front for most of the time with the Crusaders gradually catching up. However the Woods managed to hold on to the lead and won the match by 3 shots.
The away team of Jim McKeown and Liz Edwards skipped by Gus Edwards played a good game at Welwyn Garden City's green. They had a substantial lead until they gave away 6 shots on the penultimate end and managed to finish the match leading by 1 shot.
This gave the Woods a win by 4 shots overall and therefore saw them through into the Final.
Tony Holdcroft

Friendly Matches, Northaw & Cuffley - 31st July

A warm welcome awaited us and we had a very enjoyable match played in the evening - just the perfect temperature. Welwyn managed to win 55 - 49. Playing on their faster green was much appreciated after some of us had struggled playing the previous day on a much heavier green. Enjoyed the lovely supper provided for us and look forward to playing them next year.
Pat Thompson

East Herts League - 29th July

On Wednesday 29th July two of the Bucks triples travelled to Ware to meet Allenbury's on their famously heavy green. An evening of mixed fortunes ensued, but the Bucks did come away as the overall winners.
Ian Snook, Norman Muller, and David Humphreys endured a tough evening, never managing to get their noses in front, and eventually succumbing by 22 shots to 12.
Chris Read, Colin Gray, and Tony Holdcroft got a flying start and were 8-0 up after 5 ends. It got more difficult after that with the Allenbury's triple fighting back to 11 all at 12 ends. The Bucks fought on, however, and ran away with the last 6 ends to win 24-12, taking a vital 3 shots on the last end to secure the overall win by 1 point - 35 to 34 and 4 more points to move the Bucks up to 2nd in the league table. (attached).
Two wins in a week, and 10 points out of a possible 12. Well done lads. A break now whilst we enjoy club Triples Week, then we play Castles on 12th August.

East Herts League - 27th July

Another good night on the green for Welwyn Bucks. Entertaining the runaway league leaders, WGC Lions, and anticipating a really tough match the Bucks surprised themselves by bossing the game throughout and emerging with 6 more points.
Chris Read, Colin Gray, and Tony Holdcroft emerged with a 17-12 win, taking 11 of the 18 ends in game which remained close until the very end. Ian Snook, Norman Muller, and David Humphreys came in with a 20-11 victory after winning 12 of the 18 ends and leading comfortably throughout the game.
So, an excellent performance and an overall win by 37-23 for Welwyn and District and points to move the team up to second in the league (in total points and average points per game). And thanks again Pauline for an excellent supper.
More fun and games on Wednesday when the same two triples head over to Allenbury's to see how we fare on their green.

Friendly Matches - 27th July

Unusually Welwyn and District played two home matches on the same day.
Playing on three rinks against Borehamwood Welwyn won overall by 71 shots to 57. Two rinks shared the honour of being highest winning rink; Olive Perry, Gloria Turner, Dorothy Henton and skip Mick Clements won by eight shots; as did Sylvia Lane, Royce Venting, Margaret Holdcroft and skip Tony Holdcroft.
In the match against Rose Hill Ted Webb's triple (Ted, Don and Pauline Ellis) won by three shots whilst Jean Webb and Colin Duxbury playing pairs lost by three shots - a very fair result considering.

County Top Team - 26th July

On Saturday 26th July, Welwyn and District BC played Harpenden BC at the neutral green of Welwyn Garden City BC in the County Team Ten Championship semi-final.
In the four disciplines of fours, triples, pairs and singles, Welwyn won the fours and singles, with Phil Russell achieving a strong victory of 21-10 over Harpenden's Tom Muir. Ian Snook led the fours to a 21-14 victory. The triples lost by one and the pairs staged a late comeback to secure an overall team score of 67 and a place in the afternoon's final against Townsend BC at Shire Park BC in Tewin.
The afternoon started well for Welwyn, then Townsend's superiority and depth of experienced, younger players came to the fore. Despite again winning two of the four disciplines, on this occasion Townsend achieved the higher overall score to win the trophy.

East Herts League - 23rd July

Welwyn Bucks entertained the Cheshunt squad at Welwyn on the evening of 23 July with high hopes of moving further up the league table. It turned out to be a game of two rinks - to invent a new phrase.
Stan Kenworthy, Chris Read, and Malcolm Baldwin started well and never looked back and finished well with a 25-11 victory.
Ian Snook, Norman Muller, and David Humphreys started slowly but came back strongly to lead by 5 at 14 ends. Things did not go so well after that and after dropping 7 shots in 2 ends went into the final end at 18 all. Unfortunately for the Bucks, Cheshunt managed to win that one too, so a 18-19 defeat on that rink.
So, an overall victory (43-30) with 4 more league points plus another enjoyable supper courtesy of Pauline made it a very worthwhile evening.
Matches v WGC and Allenburys next week so it aint gonna be easy!! We will have to concentrate right to the very end.

Friendly v. Welwyn Garden City - 23rd July

Welwyn visited local rivals Welwyn Garden City for a Men's Friendly of four rinks, plus a ladies St.Albans league match of two rinks.
The ladies match was by far the more interesting of the two with Jean Webb's rink winning by one shot, and Mary Clement's rink losing by the same amount. So, a draw.
Only Chris Sherriff's rink won for the men. The other three rinks came second.

Gala Day - 20th July

Twenty-four teams from locations as varied as North London to Northampton, Watford to Brentwood, took part in the Welwyn and District Bowls Club Open Gala on Sunday. Despite some doubts about the forecast, the day turned out to be fine and sunny but rather humid, though this did not in any way detract from the intensity of the competition. With each team taking part in four short matches the eventual result was decided on a points basis, and two teams which largely featured bowlers from the Garston Club eventually tied for first place. Third place went to the St.Martins team from Bletchley, but despite a count back on ends won it proved impossible to separate the Growlers from the Spartans; both teams agreed that the prize money should be shared but in order to determine which team's name should go on the trophy it was decided that a one wood shoot-out would determine the winners. The Growlers comprising Glenn ' Scattergun' Williams, Gary Edwards, John Simmons, and Martin Coles, included a guest bowler from Royston (Glenn), and it was he who delivered the bowl which won the day. Cash prizes were presented to the winners, second and third teams by the club President, Sue Wingham.

East Herts League - 16th July

On a fine Wednesday evening the Bucks entertained Rosedale at Welwyn. A close encounter was anticipated as Rosedale were the team promoted from Div 2 with the Bucks at the end of the 2013 season.
What we had was a game of mixed fortunes. Ian Snook, Norman Muller, and David Humphreys put on a brilliant performance from the outset, not conceding a shot until the 7th end. They ran out easy winners at 24-5.
The second triple consisting Stan Kenworthy, Chris Read, and Colin Gray had a tougher time of it and were 4-14 down at the halfway point. However, the team found some form in the second half and were 18-15 up after 17 ends, but then dropped 3 to some spectacular bowling by Brian Barnett, the Rosehill skip. A fair result, probably, at 18-18 on the rink.
Overall, 42-23 to Welwyn Bucks and 5 more points in the bag. Probably more importantly, a game played in a superb spirit by both teams and a thoroughly enjoyable evening for everyone, finishing off with an excellent supper courtesy of Colin's partner, Maureen, helped by Norman's partner Pauline - busy in the kitchen as usual. Thank you ladies.
Looks like a solid 4th in the league at present in terms of total points (27), points per game (3.86), shots for and shot difference.
Cheshunt at home next Wednesday.

Welwyn Hatfield League - 15th July

Welwyn Woods had another successful game on Tuesday evening Playing Datchworth (Yellow) in the Quarter Finals of the Welwyn & Hatfield League John Brown Trophy. The away team of Gus and Liz Edwards and Jim McKeown had a good game playing at Datchworth losing by just two shots. The home team of Alwyn & Val Challacombe and Tony Holdcroft had a convincing win by 11 shots after a very shaky start by not getting any shots on the first 4 ends. The end result was a win overall by 9 shots putting Welwyn Woods into the semi-final of the John Brown Trophy. Welwyn Woods are now also in the semi final of the Jubilee Cup as the game was conceded to us by the team we were to play in the quarter finals as they had other commitments and could not get a team together for this match. This leaves the Welwyn Woods to play two semi finals and with a strong position in the League Table.

East Herts League - 14th July

Stags entertained Knights but could only manage a draw and 3 points each.

Friendly v. Baldock Bowling Club - 12th July

W&DBC won on 2 rinks and lost on 2 rinks Winning Rinks: Frank Crampton, Pat Thompson, Pauline Ellis, & Mick Clements won 18-12; Derek Fletcher, Don Ellis, Dorothy Henton & Mary Clements won 21-17
Overall Score Baldock 95, W&DBC 62

East Herts League - 11th July

The Bucks travelled to Sawbridgeworth and came away delighted with a solid victory.
Ian Snook, Norman Muller, and David Humphreys won 22-11 without dropping a shot until the 8th end. Good going for a visiting team.
Stan Kenworthy, Chris Read (still subbing for Jim Summerfield), and Malcolm Baldwin did almost as well with a 21-11 victory, but with a somewhat erratic performance and being level at 13 ends, but then running away with the last 5 ends with some excellent bowling to secure the win.
So, 43-22 overall and 6 more points. That puts us 4th in the league based on what we know of other teams performances to date. Let's keep it going guys. Next up, it's Rosedale at home. on Wednesday 16th.

Team Ten - 4th July

Welwyn & District set up a semi-final encounter with old adversaries Harpenden in the Team Ten competition by comprehensively beating Hertford Castle at Wallfields. Welwyn won the singles, pairs and fours but lost the triples.
The semi final will be played on Saturday 26 July at 10.00am at Welwyn Garden City B.C.

East Herts League - 1st July

Two closely contested triples games played at Welwyn on Tuesday evening resulted in Castle Knights winning overall by 1 shot. Unfortunately that means Knights also gained 4 points to Bucks 2 points
Stan Kenworthy, Chris Read, and Malcolm Baldwin won 19-18, having lost the plot after the 11th end when they were 15-5 ahead, but went behind to long jacks over the next 6 ends and had to come from 2 shots down on the last end to secure the win.
Ian Snook, Norman Muller, and David Humphries had a slow start and were 3-10 down at 5 ends but then clawed their way back into the game and matched their opponents for the second half. 2 shots on the last end would have secured the win, but unfortunately the team went 1 down and lost the game 15-17.

On the same evening the Stags were away at Hertford Castle B.C. but came away pointless.

Welwyn Hatfield League, - 30th June

In the Welwyn and Hatfield League the Welwyn Woods had a win against Welwyn Wanderers playing on a bit of an overcast evening. Both rinks had a very friendly match in two very close games. At the 14th end both rinks were level with the score in one game 14 shots to 14 and the other match was 15 shots to 15. The rink Skipped by Alwyn Challacombe just managed a Draw by holding one shot on the last end against the Wanderers team Skipped by Chris Read. The other rink Skipped by Gus Edwards made a determined effort on the last four ends and managed to beat Skip Jean Webb's team by 12 shots, giving the Welwyn Woods a total 42 shots to 30, this gave 5 points to the Welwyn Woods and 1 to the Welwyn Wanderers. The game was finished just as the light was beginning to fade but everyone had a very pleasant evening.

Friendly Match - 29th June

Welwyn & District got the better of Hertford Castle in a friendly match initially played in sunshine, but then in a very steady drizzle, which confined the match to 15 ends. Each club won on two rinks, but Welwyn & District ran out the winners by 56 shots to 49 shots. The top rink for Welwyn was Liz Edwards, Alwyn Challacombe and skip Di Barrett who won by 22 shots to 8 shots. Although the weather was not very good, the hospitality and friendliness of the Hertford Castle bowlers made it an enjoyable occasion for all.

Welwyn Hatfield League - 25th June

In the Welwyn and Hatfield League the Woods had a win against De Havilland playing on a very pleasant sunny evening. Both rinks had a very good and friendly match in two well fought games. At the end of the match the Woods won by 11 shots, winning both games and taking the six points. The Woods team, skipped by Norma Carter with Peter Carter and Colin Duxbury, had a score of 20 shots to 16 the team of Tony Holdcroft, Margaret Holdcroft and Babs Nicholson had a score of 18 shots to 11; but overall a pleasant evenings bowling.

East Herts League - 23th June

A successful night for the Bucks on a surprisingly wet Monday evening - at home to Ware Maltsters. Ian Snook and his merry men (Norman Muller and David Humphreys) had a convincing 23-8 win, with only 5 ends lost. Chris Read's supporting act with Colin Gray and Holdcroft starring came home with a narrow 18-16 win having shared the ends and got in front only by winning 3 shots on the last end. Overall an enjoyable, if wet evening. Thanks to Tony Holdcroft for supper, and 6 points to celebrate - think that makes us about 4th in the league. Not too bad for new boys.

Friendly Match v Northaw & Cuffley - 21 June 2014

The above friendly game was completed earlier today in pleasantly warm sunshine on a great green. The match was played to a high level in a friendly manner with lots of banter.
The result was two rinks won by WDBC and two rinks won by NCBC. So a draw. However if you count the shots scored 82 to NCBC v 73 to WDBC I guess you can say they won
Chris Sherriff, Cynthia and David Blake produced a very good light meal and Bob Wells operated the bar.

St Albans & District League - 19th Junei

Welwyn & District 6 points St Albans 0 points
June Worman Pauline Ellis Sue Wingham won 22shots to 18
Liz Edwards Sylvia Lane Val Challacombe won 20 shots to 10

Eversley Trophy - 19 June 2014

W&DBC were away at Rowley Lane, a green noted for being on the heavy side when compared to our own. The competition was keenly contested but Rowley lane came out on top winning on two of the three Contested rinks, and winning convincingly in terms of overall shots.

Friendly against North Herts - 18 June 2014

In an away triples friendly match against North Herts, Welwyn & District won on two rinks and lost on one. The overall score was 52 to 38. The Welwyn top rink was David Blakes, Tony Smith and Skip Peter Wingham with a score of 23 to 12.

Jubilee Cup - 18 June 2014

In the Welwyn and Hatfield League Welwyn Woods had a narrow win against the Welwyn Wanderers playing in The Jubilee Cup. Both sides won one rink each in two very well fought games. At the end of the match the Woods won by a very close 4 shots. Skip Gus Edwards' Woods team won against Skip Chris Read's Wanderer team 26 shots to 14. The Woods team, skipped by Tony Holdcroft, lost to Skip Jean Webb's Wanderers team, 16 shots to 24, so giving the Woods a victory by 4 shots. As these teams were both from Welwyn & District Bowls Club, we ended the evening by enjoying a sociable supper together.

East Herts League - 17 June 2014

Away at Bengeo on Tuesday night the Bucks had mixed fortunes, winning on one rink but losing on the other and only coming away with 2 points overall.
Chris (subbing for Snookie), Norman, and David won 20-17, winning 11 ends but dropping 7 shots on the 10th end . How silly was that??
Stan, Tony (subbing for Jim), and Malcolm lost 14-24, sharing the ends but dropping too many big scores overall to recover. Still, we have 8 points in the league from 3 games and a shot difference of zero. There are teams with a worse record so we should keep the faith.

Team Ten - 13 June 2014

Welwyn and District had a comfortable win at home over Bovingdon B.C. winning the singles, pairs triples and fours.

Welwyn Hatfield League etc. - 12 June 2014

Welwyn Woods enjoyed success in the John Brown Trophy, by beating Woodside by 46 shots to 29. The away rink of Averil Balnaves, Colin Duxbury and skip Gus Edwards won by 26 shot to 22, despite dropping 17 shot over three ends. The rink of Doreen Fitts, Alan Fitts and skip Val Challacombe had and easier win of 20 shots to 7, ensuring that Welwyn Woods progress to the next round.

Welwyn & District had a comfortable win on Saturday over Datchworth by 68 shots to 56, with the top rink being that of Sylvia Lane, Alan Fitts and skip John Lee, who won by 18 shots to 8.

Meanwhile in the SADBA Officers' singles, Gus Edwards defeated Peter Thompson at Townsend in a very close match, by getting 2 shots on the final end to win by 21 shots to 20.

East Herts League - 11 June 2014

Following last night's poor result against Sele Farm the Stags travelled to Rosedale looking for an improvement. For much of the match it looked like another pointless evening until on the last end John Lee, Ted Webb and Phil Russell picked up a seven, to give them a five point win. Unfortunately Mick Clements, Barry Smith and Chris Sherriff lost by five shots so it ended up as a three point evening.

East Herts League - 10 June 2014

A close match for the Bucks team v last year's Div 1 winners, Datchworth.
Unfortunately the Bucks lost on both rinks but only on the last end in both cases. It could so easily have been 6 points instead of zero points. However, it's no disgrace to lose to the champions in the first season in the top division so hopes are high for the rest of the season.
Stan, Norman (subbing for Jim), Malcolm - lost 17-20 (dropping 5 on the last)
Chris, Colin, Tony - lost 17-19 (dropping 2 on the last)
Next up is Bengeo Blues away next Tuesday (17/6). Snookie and Stan's teams on that night. Good luck lads.

Meanwhile the Stags were struggling at home against Sele Farm, and managing only one point from the match thanks to a drawn triple result from Mike Poole, Ted Webb and Phil Russell.

W D.B.C. v Riverain - 10 June 2014

W.D.B.C. 79 Riverain 52.
Jean Barclay, Allan Fitts and Val Challacombe won 27 - 9
Betty Singleton, Pauline Wilding and Averil Balnaves won 20 - 7
Bob Wells, Gary Shore and Norma Carter lost 18 - 19
Doreen Fitts, Peter Carter and Sylvia Hill lost 14 - 17

Double win for Welwyn over Shire Park - 9 June 2014

In the Welwyn and Hatfield League, Welwyn Woods had a very good win at Shire Park. The rink of Gloria Turner, Val Challacombe and skip Alwyn Challacombe won by 26 points to17 ending their match in a downpour of rain with thunder. The rink of Liz Edwards, Hazel Wing and skip Gus Edwards also won, but this was a much closer affair, with Welwyn Woods picking up two shots on the final end to win by one shot. This gave an overall score of 42 shots to 32 shots in Welwyn's favour and 6 points.
In the East Herts pairs Gus Edwards and skip Ian Snook beat the Shire Park pair of Mike Howell and skip Fred Goodege by 25 shots to 10 to go through to the next round.

On the same evening Welwyn Wanderers lost to De Havilland

Friendly Match - 8 June 2014

It is difficult to imagine anything more typically English on a sunny afternoon than a bowling green only a handful of yards away from the boundary of a cricket match on the green. But such was the scene when Welwyn and District bowlers visited Sawbridgeworth for a friendly match on Sunday. The idyllic scene seemed to reflect in the bowling as the final outcome was the narrowest of wins over six rinks by just one shot for the home side.

Friendly Match - 5 June 2014

W&DBC 49, Stevenage Town BC 82

East Herts League - 4 June 2014

The Stags suffered their first defeat of the season at home, playing against Ware Maltsters. Phil Russell's triple just managed to draw leaving Stags with just one point.

Ladies County League - 4 June 2014

Welwyn Ladies put up a good fight against the more experienced Hatfield team and only lost by two shots. (Val Challacombe, Sylvia Lane, Mary Clements and Jean Webb).

Herts Bowls Officers Singles - 3 June 2014

Mike Poole won his Quarter file match against Dave Richardson of Kitcheners BC 21-19 and now faces Steve Kilford in the semi-final on Friday 18th July at Hatfield BC.
With a match position and a toucher against him on end 24 Mike drew shot to make game tied on 19 shots apiece and won the match on the next end.
Alwyn Challacombe unfortunately came second in his Q/F match against Mike Sage also played at home on the same night.

East Herts League - 2 June 2014

Chris Read writes : A flying start for the Bucks as those who played tonight will know. The squad visited Much Hadham for our first match of the season and came home with all 6 points.
Ian, Norman and David came in with a 17-13 win, whilst Stan, Chris (subbing for Jim), and Malcolm won 22-14. So a shot difference of 12 and a good start to the campaign.
With the Hartingfordbury game postponed until August, our next match is now away to Datchworth on June 10th, and yet another heavy green. We look forward to welcoming Colin Gray and Tony Holdcroft for their first game with the Bucks.

National Top Club - 1 June 2014

Welwyn beat Oak Hill at Oak Hill in the national Top Club only losing the triples. Ian Snook won the four wood singles 21-5; Mike Poole won the two wood singles 14-12; Alwyn Challacombe and Chris Sherriff won the pairs 32-4; Ted Webb, Chris Read, and Stan Kenworthy lost the triples 8-30; and John Lee, Mick Clements, Barry Smith and Phil Russell won the fours 21-10.

Friendly match v. Ware - 31 May 2014

Losing at home is never good; losing on 5 out of six rinks is even worse. Well done Val Challacombe's rink for winning 20-15. In the other ladies games Jean Webb's four lost 18-21 and Mary Clements four lost 15-21. For the men, Ted Webb's four lost 20-26, Chris Sherriff's four lost 17-22 and Barry Smith's four lost (on the last end) 21-22.

Eversley Trophy - 30 May 2014

Playing at home against North Mimms we won on all three rinks. John Lee, Mick Clements, Stan Kenworthy and Chris Sherriff won 23-14; Malcolm Baldwin, Pete Townsend, Ian Snook and Barry Smith won 26-15; Mike Poole, Norman Muller, Ted Webb and Phil Russell won 26-12.

Ranson Cup - 29 May 2014

Againts Ware we won away by 7 shots (Phil Russell, Barry Smith, Mick Clements and Malcolm Baldwin) while the home team lost by four (Chris Sherriff, Ian Snook, Chris Read and Alwyn Challacombe).

County League - 26 May 2014

Welwyn visited Harperbury and came away with four points on a rain soaked evening.

Team 10 - 23 May 2014

Welwyn were again at Much Hadham, and this time got a perfect result winning the Singles (Phil Russell 21-7), the Pairs (Alwyn Challacombe and Chris Sherriff, 17-16), the Triples (Malcolm Baldwin. John Lee and Barry Smith, 30-12) and the Fours (Mike Poole, Ted Webb, Chris Read and Ian Snook, 27-16).

East Herts League - 22 May 2014

Welwyn Stags dropped a point at Much Hadham in their second game of the season. On a very heavy green Chris Sherriff's triple drew 17-17 whilst Barry Smith's triple won 18-15.

Welwyn Hatfield League - 19 May 2014

Welwyn Wanderers defeated Woodside 30-25 at King George's Park and picked up four points.
Chris R, Pauline E, and June W won 24-10 in a fairly one sided game;
Don E, Gary S, and Cyn B lost 16-15 in a very close game - we lost by one shot on the last end.

Ladies National Top Club - 17 May 2014

Welwyn Ladies played a strong team of Harpenden ladies in the national Top Club competition. Welwyn ladies put on a strong showing but in the end were defeated in the singles triples and pairs, leaving only the fours to record a win. Buut well done for a truly inspiring performance.

Eversley Trophy - 16 May 2014

This evening a team of Welwyn Men travelled to St.Albans Clarence Park for an Eversley trophy match. Alwyn Challacombe, Mick Clements, Stan Kenworthy and skip Chris Sherriff won 17-13. Malcolm Baldwin, Pete Townsend, Ian Snook and Barry Smith won 30-13 despite having been heavily in arrears early in the match. Mike Poole, Norman Muller, Ted Webb and Phil Russell won 31-11.

Welwyn Hatfield League - 16 May 2014

Welwyn Wanderers defeated Kimpton 33-30 at home. Jean Webb with Cynthia Blakes and John Edwards winning 21-15 while Sylvia Ducat-Brown with Petra Kniveton and David Blakes lost 12-15.

Friendly Match - 13 May 2014

Once again rain spoiled the day and the home match with Hemel Hempstead had to be abandoned after 12 ends.
At that stage Hemel were in the lead 40-35 with Welwyn's best rink winning 10-3.

Ladies County League - 12 May 2014

On what turned out to be a very wet evening Val Challacombe, Sylvia Lane, Mary Clements and Jean Webb travelled to Harperbury for a County League match. You can imagine that on such a wet evening the atmosphere in the car returning home after losing would be quite tense. Fortunately they won, 19-15.

Competiton progress

In the first round of the County Triples Malcolm Baldwin, Mike Poole, and Stan Kenworthy beat Andy Bates, Alan Charran, John Godman of Townsend, St. Albans BC 21-12 shots. On the same night Chris Sherriff, Barry Smith and Phil Russell also won their first round match on an extra end after scoring a 3 on the 18th end to make the score 18 each.
Ted Webb won his preliminary round in the East herts Singles beating Steve Chamberlain 21-20 at Datchworth.

Away at Clarence Park, St.Albans

Read, Ellis, Duxbury, Uffen - won 24-10, top rink
B Smith, Ducat-Brown, Townsend, Baldwin - won 26-17
Sherriff, Clements, Carter, Challacombe - won 17-13
Holdcroft, G Edwards, Shore, McKeown - lost 11- 33
Overall therefore, the men won 78 - 73

Ladies result was that St A won by 2 shots, with Val Challacombe winning on her rink but Di Barrett losing.

A match played in excellent spirits. Weather was chilly but dry, and an excellent meal enjoyed by all afterwards.

Top Team; Welwyn v Northaw and Cuffley 09-05-2014

We travelled to Northaw and Cuffley and came away winning 2.5 - 1.5
Alwyn Challacombe and Chris Sherriff had a convincing win 32-6 in the pairs.
Malcolm Baldwin, John Lee and Barry Smith won 19-13 in the triples.
Ted Webb, Norman Muller, Chris Read and Ian Snook drew 19-19 in the fours.
Phil Russell lost 17-21 in the singles.

Friendly Match 07-05-2014

We had a very close match of four triples against de Havilland this afternoon, with Welwyn winning by 68 – 66. Our top triple was Bob Bennett, Barbara Marvell and Gus Edwards who won 20 – 15.

Welwyn Stags v Cheshunt 06-05-2014

On a challenging green at Cheshunt the Stags managed to get their season off to a good start winning on both rinks. The triple of Alwyn Challacombe, Mick Clements, and skip Chris Sherriff had the easier time winning 26-9 but the other triple (Ted Webb, Mike Poole and Phil Russell) had to come from behind in the last five ends to win by just two shots, 19-17.

Welwyn Hatfield League 06-05-2014

In the Welwyn Hatfield League, Welwyn Woods got off to a winning and also a very wet start. They were at home to Woodside on an evening which at first was fine but then turned very wet. The rink of Gloria Turner, Alan Fitts and skip Val Challacombe won by 19 shots to 8, while the rink of Liz Edwards, Moira Mckeown and skip Gus Edwards won by 17 shots to 4. This gave Welwyn Woods a winning margin of 36 shots to 12 and their first points of the season. The heavens opened before 18 ends could be completed and everyone had to dry out in the pavilion, with hot drinks to warm up. Hopefully the weather in the future will be more kind.

President's team versus Captains' team

Bank Holiday Sunday, a warm, sunny day, and 56 bowlers from Welwyn and District Bowls Club turned out for the annual President's team versus Captains' team match. More of a social occasion than a true competition, but for the record the President's team won.

National 2*4s 30-04-2014

Chris Read writes - In the National 2*4s played on the evening of Tuesday 29th April, Welwyn & District had the challenge of playing away at Welwyn Garden City, a club known for its strong young team and with a number of Middleton Cup players. WDBC sent out what was thought to be a strong team but the form book prevailed. Russell, Smith, Snook, and Poole really didn't do themselves justice, going down 12-28, whilst Sherriff, Kenworthy, Muller, and Challacombe put up a better fight and were only a point behind at 18 ends, but eventually lost 18-26. Out of the competition and back to the drawing board for WDBC.

FRIENDLY MATCH against RADLETT on Wednesday 30 April 2014

Welwyn and District Bowls Club entertained Radlett Bowls Club to a friendly competitive match at their ground on Wednesday 30th April. The home team won all four rinks in a close fought game. Alwyn Challacombe, club captain for the match particularly mentioned the rink of Doreen Fitts, Hazel Wing, Ted Webb and skip Barry Smith for their outstanding performance being the leading team of the day.

BREAKFAST BOWLS on Saturday 12 April 2014

About sixty members of the club celebrated the opening of the green for the 2014 season and enjoyed Breakfast Bowls.


At the Club's AGM on Saturday 11 January Sue Wingham was elected President for 2014 following the retirement or Reynold Wiles who had served in the position for the past two years.