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The Green, 6 October 2013


The suggestion of installing an all weather surface in place of our existing grass green at the end of the 2014 season was the subject of discussion at the Breakfast Bowls meeting on 28th September 2013, and members were asked to vote on whether they agreed in principle with the suggestion.
The result of the vote was:-
Approval: 22 Disapproval: 34 Abstentions: 18.
The General Committee met on 30th September to assess the voting. It accepts the result as evidence that there is insufficient support for the suggested change and will therefore not proceed with an application for a £50,000 grant from the Sport England Inspired Facilities Fund, and will not consider installing an all weather surface at the end of the 2014 playing season. An Extraordinary General Meeting will not be called. The General Committee thanks those members who had already made financial pledges in support of the project, but in view of the vote those pledges will now be destroyed.
However, the Development Group will be asked to continue their research into various aspects of all weather surfaces: their construction, their cost and the experiences of clubs who already have them. This is with a view to a longer term re-assessment of the issue, as it is the view of the General Committee that it will eventually be in the best interests of the Club to install an all weather surface.
The General Committee 1st October 2013

Press Report, 8 September

Playing on his home green, Phil Russell of Welwyn and District Bowls Club beat John Osborne of Harpenden by 21 shots to 11 the win the St.Albans and District “Champion of Chamions” trophy for 2013. The location of the finals is determined at the start of the year, and is always the green at the President's home club. This year Nigel Woor of Welwyn and District has been President and hence Phil's good fortune to be playing the final on his home green. In typical fashion Phil started the game slowly, going six shots down at an early stage, but he soon got into his rhythm and eventually won the game.

Earlier in the week the Welwyn Green had a very different set of bowlers as the Barnet Blind paid their annual visit to the club. The members arrived in chauffeur-driven cars organised by Win Hughesman. The day started with lunch cooked by Di Barrett & Derek Fletcher, and desserts provided by other Welwyn Members. After lunche played four rinks of triples. It is fascinatuing to see how the blind and partyially sighted bowlers cope with what is essentially a game involving hand and eye coordination. Each rink has a sighted person giving information to the bowlers; a string line runs the length of the green from the middle of the mat which is permanently set two metres from the ditch. The jack is centred and the bowler is told how many yards he or she needs to bowl;and when the player's bowl; once bowled the resting location is verbally given using a clock face analogy for example “2 o'clock, one yard”. It is tempting to think that for the sighted bowlers the game would be a walk over, but not so; the blind bowlers are extremely skilled and gave us a very good game, and a very enjoyable afternoon. Apart from having sight problems there were at least six visiting men playing who were over 90 and one was 101! We hope to see them all again next year.

Later in the week on a very hot afternoon, Welwyn and District came out winners in an enjoyable match with the Three Horseshoes, played in a very friendly manner. Top rink for Welwyn was that of Dave Blakes, Norma Carter and skip Chris Read, who won by 29 shots to 13. The overall score of 83 shots to 48 reesulted in a win for Welwyn and Districts. Later still, Welwyn & District took six triples to Welwyn Garden City. At nine ends Welwyn were ahead 69 shots to 39 then we had tea & biscuits! Whether it was something in the tea we don't know but the old saying: " it all changes after tea" certainly applied to this match as the home team eventually won 111 shots to 97!

In the Welwyn and Hatfield League, Welwyn Woods completed their matches when Jesters conceded the final match as they could not raise a team. This gave the Woods 6 points and with a final total of 44 points, either 3rd or 4th position in the table. Welwyn Wanderers also finished the season strongly, with wins over Shire Park and Jesters. The Wanderers finished with 37 points and a very creditable mid table position. This means that Welwyn and District must relinquish the fantastic wooden spoon trophy, having won it for at least the last two years.

East Herts League, 30 August

Congratulations to the Welwyn Bucks Squad who finished top of division 2 and so will be playing in division 1 next year.
Welwyn Stags played their last match of the season at home against Bengeo Reds, winning comprhensicely on both rinks. Mick Clements, Barry Smith and Chris Sherriff won 22-11, while Mike Poole, Ted Webb and Phil Russell extended their unbroken winning record in the league for the third season and won 36-6. Stags finished third in division 1 with just three points less than Datchworth, the winners. Stags players will look back ruefully at the lost oportunity at Bengeo earlier in the season when they only managed two points.
Welwyn Harts finished bottom of division 2 and will be returning to division 3 next year.

Friendly Match, 30 August

Welwyn & District Bowls Club entertained Royston, losing the match.

Friendly Match, 29 August

Welwyn & District Bowls Club lost to Harperbury in a Friendly match by 71-75 although they managed to win on three of the four rinks. Welwyn's top rink was Sylvia Hill Robert Ducat-Brown and skip Gus Edwards who won 23-8.

Friendly Match, 25 August

Welwyn & District beat St Albans in the friendly at Calrence Park, St Albans this afternoon, Welwyn 85, St Albans 72.
W & D top rink was Gus Edwards, Andy Scholes and Mike Poole who won 26-10.

Welwyn Hatfield League, week ending 28 August

In the Welwyn and Hatfield League, Welwyn Wanderers suffered a heavy defeat away to Jesters on 20 August. The rink of Jim Mckeown, Robert Ducat Brown and skip Sylvia Ducat Brown lost 23 shots to 9, while the rink of Moira Mckeown, Gary Shore and skip Graham Hart lost 29 shots to 8. This gave an overall score of 52 shots to 17 in Jesters favour.
Later in the week (23 August), however, Welwyn Wanderers and Welwyn Woods had a very close match, with the Wanderers just gaining victory. The rink of Betty Singleton, Sylvia Ducat Brown and skip Norman Muller beat the Woods team of Kate Green, Jillian Jennings and skip Gus Edwards 20 shots to 10, while the rink of Raymond Uffen, Sheila Grimmant and skip Chris Read lost to the Woods team of Liz Edwards, Averil Balnaves and skip Les Page 11 shots to 19. However, with the overall scores level, the Wanderers team had gained the two shots on the last end in the dark to give them overall victory 31 shots to 29.

Ladies Friendly Match, 20 August

On Tuesday 20th August the Welwyn ladies entertained 3 triples from Hatfield bowls club. Hatfield won by four shots Welwyn 48 - Hatfield 52. Our top rink was Averil Balnaves, Hazel Wing and Jean Webb with a score of 18-12

Herts County League

Welwyn and District had two County League games this week. On Monday 12 August, away at Hatfield where we got 4 points, and at home on Fridayn 16 August against a very strong Townsend team where they got no points but only lost by the narrowest of margins. Ian Snook's rink lost by 1 shot to Danny Macro's rink, and Phil Russell's rink lost by 2 to Drew Bryden.

Welwyn Stags, East Herts League

Stags played Welwyn Garden City away and just managed to come away with 2 points, Phil Russell's triple winning on the last end. They still need to win the rest of their games to challenge for a place in the top three.

Welwyn Bucks, East Herts League

Chris Read writes -
Team......Fantastic week with brilliant results.
Tuesday v Aston at home - won 44-29
Wednesday v Bishops Stortford Swifts away - won 60-19
Both games played by Ian's team and Stan's team and 12 probably crucial points won. That puts us top of the table, as far as we know, with 62 points and a shot difference of 161.
No change to the info we have on the only 2 clubs which can pass us now. We just have to hope that they can't both manage that feat. Updated league table attached.

Latest league table confirms the top spot, but Rosedale have a game in hand and are only two shots behind. Rosehill Badgers have three games in hand but would need 17 points from these games to overtake the Bucks.

Welwyn Hatfield league, 12 & 16 August

There was success for both Welwyn teams this week in the Welwyn & Hatfield League. Welwyn Woods took 6 points from their match with Knebworth Blue, with the rink of Gloria Turner, Liz Edwards and skip Les Page winning by 22 shots to 17 and the rink of Kate Green, Jillian Jennings and skip Gus Edwards winning by 19 shots to 14. This gave an overall score of 41 shots to 31 in Welwyn Woods' favour.

The Welwyn Wanderers also played a Knebworth team, this time Knebworth Yellow and came away with 4 points. The rink of Raymond Uffen, Sheila Grimmant and skip Norman Muller won by 19 shots to 14 after being 11 shots to 3 down after 11 ends, while the rink of Bob Bennett, Robert Ducat Brown and skip Sylvia Ducat Brown dropped a 3 on the last end to loose by 13 shots to 14. This gave an overall score of 32 shots to 28 in Welwyn Wanderers' favour.

Friendly Matches

Tuesday 13th August: We took at mixed team of players to Hertford Bowls Club and as they were short of players, we were able to "loan" them two members from Welwyn & District and played three mixed rinks. It was a fun afternoon and Welwyn were the overall winners. We are currently negotiating transfer fees for our two members who played well for the opposition!
On Saturday 17th August Welwyn & District took six rinks of mixed triples to Whit Hern. The afternoon stayed dry inspite the weather forecast. Welwyn won on four of the six rinks and the top team were Deb Squires, Mick Clements and Chris Sherriff with a score 21 - 7. The final combined scores were Welwyn & District 111 shots Whit Hern 81

Friendly Match against Cheshunt, 4 August.

A match played in the true spirit of the game resulted in wins in three triples matches for each club. However, Welwyn and District claimed the overall win with a shot difference of 102 - 93. Honours for the highest winning rink went to Liz Edwards, David Blakes and skip Chris Read who won by 15 shots.

Friendly Match at Hitchin, 3 August.

Welwyn and District won 84-64.

SADLBA Ladies Triples League, 2 August.

Welwyn Ladies faced up to Hatfield Ladies in this home and away fixture, winning 17-8 away and losing 16-18 at home. A win overall by 33-26.

East Herts League

Welwyn Stags travelled to Sele Farm BC, a notoriously challenging green, but came away with four points having won overall by just one shot. Barry Smith, Nigel Woor and skip Chris Sherriff won and finished their game leaving Mick Clements, Ted Webb and skip Phil Russell needing a four on the last end. As it turned out, Phil didn't need to play his final wood, giving Stags the win overall.
The following evening they played at home against Allenburys and avenged the recent defeat in the Ranson Cup with a six point win. Peter Townsend, Nigel Woor and Barry Smith won 20-18; Chruis Sherriff, Ted Webb and Phil Russell won 19-8.
On the next evening, buoyed by their success against Allenburys, the Stags visited Bengeo, who are at the lower end of the table. The green at Bengeo is always challenging and this year it was no different, Phil Russell's rink failing to master it and losing by rather more than the winning margin on Chris Sherriff's rink. So only two points from this one.

Club Successes

Chris Sherriff and substitute Barry Smith won their Over 55s pairs match at Garston and so Chris will go to play in the national finals at Worthing, accompanied either by Barry or Mike Poole (Chris' original partner).
Phil Russell won his match at Harperbury and so will be in the St. Albans district final of the Champion of Champions, which will be held at Welwyn and District on 7 September. The finals are at Welwyn because Nigel Woor is current President of SADBA.

Friendly Match, 31 July

Welwyn & District played a friendly match against North Mymms on 31st August : 4 rinks Men and 2 Rinks Ladies. The ladies won on both rinks 23-20 and 20-15. Well done skip Hazel Wing supported by Gloria Turner, Anita Howard and Olive Perry. North Mymms are celebrating 75 years and each player was given a letter opener and the Club was presented with a pennant.
The following day Welwyn Ladies played host to three triples from Northaw & Cuffley in an evening match. Another win for Welwyn 59 shots to 35. Top Triple: Liz Edwards, Deb Squires and Skip Dorothy Henton, with a score 29 shots to 6.

Herts County Top 10 Semi Final, 27 July

Any match against Garston is not going to be easy with their squad of Middleton Cup players and International triallists, and this one was no exception. Welwyn and District got of to a good start, holding on to and in some cases even besting their opponents. But as the match went on the Garston superiority came into effect and in the end they triumphed in all four matches. Special mention must be made of the sterling efforts of Phil Russell in the singles who came back from a six shot deficit, even killing one end, but finally lost 21-19.
In the afternoon final at Welwyn Garden City BC Garston easily overcame the challenge of Hertford Castles to win the competition once again.

Herts County league, 26 July

The last time we played Harpenden it was nineteen days ago at home in the county final of the National Top Club competition. On that occasion Harpenden won 3-2. This match was a rather different affair, on their green, with Harpenden winning easily on both rinks.

East Herts league, 23 &24 July

For the Stags it was two games in two evenings. Tuesday at home saw them take four points from the game with Sawbridgeworth. Away from home on Wednesday they could only manage three points at Hertford Knights as Chris Sherriff's rink won by 11 shots, and Phil Russell's rink lost by the same shot difference.

Chris Read writes about the Bucks; "Great win tonight v B Stortford Ospreys. Stan, Chris & Andy won 23-12. Ian, Norman & David won 20-13.
If we win our last 2 games we must be in with a good chance of promotion."

Welwyn Hatfield league, 23 July

Liz Edwards writes "Welwyn Woods had a good win away to Shamrock. The rink of Liz Edwards, Peter Hammond and skip Les page won by 19 shot to 16, while the rink of Gloria Turner, Averil Balnaves and skip Gus Edwards won by 19 shot to 13. This gave Welwyn Woods 6 points, with an overall score of 38 shot to 29 in their favour."

Open Gala, 21 July

Twenty-four teams from Essex, Bedfordshire and Hertfordshire congregated at Welwyn and District Bowls Club on Sunday for the Club's annual Open Gala. After a full day's bowling, in temperatures which were thankfully a little lower than those experienced recently, the winners were the "Dream Team" from Northaw and Cuffley club. Winners D.Hilson, S Pratchett, P,Hilson and J.Dowler received their prize from Welwyn's Club President Reynold Wiles. Unusually there was a tie for second place, between the OO2 team from Sele Farm BC and the Herts BC team from Watford; the two teams sportingly decided to share second and third prize rather than have a play-off.
Andy Hodgson from Whitethorn won the spider; Mike Hope from Wolverton won third prize in the raffle, with second going to Petra Kniveton and the winners prize to John Atkins.

Herts County league, 19 July

In the Herts County league Welwyn and District won on both rinks at home to Radlett, despite Phil Russell's rink getting off to a very shaky start and being 10-1 down after three ends.

Welwyn Hatfield League 15 July

Liz Edwards writes "In the Welwyn Hatfield League, Welwyn Wanderers had a very good win against Knebworth Blue. The rink of Sheila Grimmant, Tony Smith and skip Chris Read won by 27 shots to 14, while the rink of Bob Bennett, Robert Ducat Brown and skip Sylvia Ducat Brown won by 21 shot to 15. This gave Welwyn Wanderers 6 points, with an overall score of 48 shots to 29, in their favour."

Welwyn Hatfield League

Welwyn Wanderers picked up two points in their Welwyn Hatfield League match away at DeHavilland. The rink of Moira Mckeown, Tony Smith and skip Chris Read won by 17 shots to 16 after picking up three shots on the last end when the jack was trailed into the ditch, whereas the rink of Jim McKeown, Bob Bennett and skip Sylvia Ducat Brown had a close match but in the end lost by 11 shots to 6. This gave an overall score of 27 shots to 23 in DeHavilland's favour. Welwyn Woods match with Knebworth Blue on Friday was rained off.

Ladies Captain's Day, 13 July

With the hot weather continuing, Sunday afternoon was no exception with the temperature rising to the high twenties. However four rinks of triples played three sessions of six ends scoring all bowls within a metre of the jack. Each player kept her own score and the winner with a final score of 35 shots was Jean Webb. Second place went to Val Challacombe with 28 shots closely followed by Sylvia Hill with 27 shots. Three others: Liz Edwards, Pauline Ellis and Betty Singleton scored 26 shots. Sylvia Lane won the Spider. Well done everyone.
The game was followed by a lovely meal, cooked by Men's Captain Les Page, assisted by Gus Edwards, Alwyn Challcombe, Alan Fitts and Chris Read.
Captain Diana was presented with a gorgeous fuschia plant in full flower and a garden centre voucher from all the ladies. Les gave her a beautiful, colourful bouquet. Diana's charity for the day was towards an "Amazing Day Out with Zippos Circus" run by Children with Cancer UK. Every £10 raised would enable a child to enjoy this experience. We raised £40; Diana's granddaughter is a staff nurse at Great Ormond Street Hospital in the children's cancer ward.
Thanks to all the playing ladies and guests for coming and making the afternoon a most enjoyable Ladies' Captain's Day.

HBA Top 10, 13 July

Welwyn and District reached the semi-finals of the competition by beating Ware BC on their green.
Phil Russell got the club off to a good a start with a 2 shot win in the singles. Meanwhile the triples were making hay while the sun shone and ended up 25-7 winners (Malcolm Baldwin, John Lee and Barry Smith). The fours were always struggling and lost by 8 (Chris Read, Norman Muller, Nigel Woor and Ian Snook). In the pairs, Alwyn Challacombe and Ted Webb started well but then had a bad patch dropping to 9 down. Then came the fight back and everything depended on the final end when Ware needed 5 shots to win. despite the valiant efforts of their skip to dislodge Alwyn's shot wood they could not manage it and the pairs cut their loss to 6 shots. A final tally of 81-75 in Welwyn's favour.

Friendly Match v. Baldock, 13July

Diana writes : Congratulations to the men for getting through to the semi-finals of Top Club yesterday and thanks to John Lee who came back to help with the teas for the friendly mixed match in the afternoon against Baldock.
We were one person short of the four rinks and despite numerous phone calls we could not find a substitute. However when Baldock turned up they too were one person short and so we played three rinks and one triple. There were losses on all rinks but the triple consisting of Margaret Holdcroft, Ken Perry and Skip Graham Daniels managed a 2 shots win: 20-18.
If was a warm but very pleasant afternoon and good company! The final results was Welwyn & District 60 shots Baldock 86 shots

Visit to Bedford Borough, 11 July

Chris discusses carpets with Greg Harlow
while the rest of us get down to the business of trying out the green
(and having some lunch)
I think that everyone was impressed!

Welwyn Hatfield League

Not a good week for Welwyn Woods! On Monday they lost away to Shire Park. The rink of Gloria Turner, Dave Blakes and skip Malcolm Marvell lost by 11 shots to 27 shots, while the rink of Cyn Blakes, Alwyn Challacombe and skip Peter Hammond lost by 8 shots to 22 shots. This gave an overall score of 19 shots to 49 shots in Shire Park’s favour.
On Wednesday Welwyn Woods lost at home to Knebworth Yellow. The rink of Liz Edwards, Jillian Jennings and skip Peter Bowyer lost by 9 shots to 20 shots while the rink of Babs Nicholson, Kate Green and skip Alwyn Challacombe lost by 17 shots to 19 shots. This gave an overall score of 26 shots to 39 in Knebworth Yellow’s favour.

Ladies Match, 9 July

On a very warm afternoon the Welwyn ladies entertained Batchwood Hall ladies playing two rinks in a St.Albans & Dist. friendly league and a triples. Our visitors struggled with the fast green and the final result was 75 shots to 25. Jean Webb (Skip) Deb Squires and Pauline Richardson scored 31 shots to Batchwood's 6 shots. The two rinks were playing in the St.Albans & District friendly league with a combined result: W & D 44 shots Batchwood 19 shots.

Ladies Friendly Match, 7 July

On an extremely warm afternoon, Welwyn & District ladies played host in a 2 rinks match against Potters Bar. The green was fast and the Potters Bar teams struggled to find weight with a result of a win on both rinks for Welwyn. There was not top rink as the result was equal on both, 20 shots to 8 with an over all score of 40 shots to 16.

National Top Club, 7 July,

Welwyn & District had tough opposition playing against Harpenden in what in effect was the CDounty Final; the winners go on to play the winners from Bedfordshire. Mike Poole got Welwyn off to a good start winning the two woods singles by one shot, but Ian Snook was unable to match this and lost in the four wood singles. Alwyn Challacombe and Chris Sherriff put in another sterling performance to win the pairs, but the fours lost heavily, and the triples needed four shots on the last end but were unable to achieve them. So a 3-2 win to Harpenden sees them through to the next round.

Welwyn Hatfield League

Welwyn Wanderers had a good win in their home match against DeHavilland. The rink of Ray Uffen, Sheila Grimmant and skip Graham Hart won by 25 shots to 9, while the rink of Gary Shore, Don Ellis and skip Sylvia Ducat Brown won by 23 shots to 7. This gave an overall score of 48 shots to 16 in in Welwyn Wanderers favour.
Welwyn Woods were not so fortunate. They lost in the league away to Jesters. The rink of Peter Hammond, Jillian Jennings and skip Alwyn Challacombe lost 24 shots to 16, while the rink of Barbara Marvell, Peter Bowyer and skip Malcolm Marvell just lost 14 shots to 15. This gave an overall score of 39 shots to 30 in Jesters favour.
In the John Brown Trophy, Welwyn Woods were knocked out by the Division 1 club BSP. The home rink of Val Challacombe, Babs Nicholson and skip Alwyn Challacombe lost by 17 shots to 14, while the away rink of Liz Edwards, Jillian Jennings and skip Gus Edwards lost by 18 shots to 14 and despite winning the extra end Welwyn went down by 35 shots to 28.

Ladies Friendly Match, 2 July,

Welwyn & District ladies won on both rinks against visitors Buntingford. With with Betty Singleton's team, Petra Kniveton and Sue Wingham scoring 22 to 9 and Sylvia Ducat-Brown's team, Pat Thompson and Dorothy Henton scoring 18 to 13

Bob Vise Trophy, 1 July,

Unfortunately the team did not quite make it through to the 2nd round having lost to Townsend by 15 points on the tot-up having won 2 games each.
Singles - Gus Edwards beat P Thompson 21-13 in the battle of the straight woods - marked by Tony Holdcroft.
Pairs - Malcolm Baldwin and Alwyn Challacombe won their game 20-15 after a tense see-saw.
Triples - Chris Read, Robert-Ducat Brown and David Humphreys put up too many short woods and lost 11-18.
Fours - Ian Snook, Stan Kenworthy, Norman Muller, and Graham Hart lost 29-8. Seemed like some of their heads were still on the District Tour!!
And thanks to Robert for some very nice pork pie and choc cake (among other things) for supper.

Friendly Match, 30 June,

On a day when the temperature on the green exceeded 30 degrees, Hertford Castles were the visitors. They soon found the pace of the green, and gave the Welwyn Bowlers a bowls lesson, winning on all four rinks. Welwyn's best triple was that of Pauline Wilding, Jillian Jennings and Malcolm Baldwin, who only lost by two shots.

Welwyn Hatfield League, 27 June

Welwyn Wanderers picked up two points in their match away to DeHavilland. The rink of Moira Mckeown, Tony Smith and skip Chris Read won by 17 shots to 16 after picking up three shots on the last end when the jack was trailed into the ditch, whereas the rink of Jim McKeown, Bob Bennett and skip Sylvia Ducat Brown had a close match but in the end lost by 11 shots to 6. This gave an overall score of 27 shots to 23 in DeHavilland's favour.
Welwyn Woods' match with Knebworth Blue on Friday was rained off.

East Herts League, Bucks v Rye Park, 26 June

A 4 pointer for the Bucks on a lovely Thursday evening.
Ian, Chris, and Andy won a rather one sided game 32-6, while Stan, Robert, and Malcolm went down 15-17 having led for the first 12 ends. Enough for 4 points and maintains an average of 4.1 points per game.
Next up is Welwyn Garden City on 4th July - need a good result from that one as WGC will be challenging for the top spot.

Friendly Match, 25 June

On Tuesday afternoon Welwyn and District Bowls Club played Townsend at St Albans where both teams won two rinks each.
We took eight able bodied men and eight competent ladies to play Townsend's fifteen men and ONE lady.
Andy Scholes along with Hazel Wing, Alwyn Challacombe and Averil Balnaves won 22-17, and Mary Clements team of Peter Hammond, Jillian Jennings and Robert Ducat-Brown added 3 shots on their last end when both sides were drawing 15 each.
Overall Townsend won by 76 shots to 70

East Herts League, 24 June

Welwyn Stags had a good win over Hertingfordbury, Chris Sherriff's rink winning 23-13, and Phil Russell's winning 21-16.
Teams: Chris Sherriff, Barry Smith & Mick Clements; Phil Russell, Ted Webb & Mike Poole.
Over on rinks 5 and 6 Welwyn Harts were faring rather worse, losing on both rinks to Rosehill Badgers, although Tony Holdcroft's rink lost by only one shot.

Herts BA Top Team, 23 June

Welwyn players had hardly had time to recover from yesterdays rather damp National Top Club game before they were required to turn out once again for a County Top Team match against Tring.
A keenly fought battle resulted in yet another win for Welwyn and District as first of all Phil Russell triumphed in the singles 21-12, Alwyn Challacombe and Chris Sherriff 18-14 again won in the pairs,and Chris Read, Norman Muller, Nigel Woor and Ian Snook won in the fours 22-12. Never able to get the better of their opponents, Gus Edwards, John Lee and Ted Webb in the triples were the only losing side on the day (5-21). Norman's partner, Pauline, provide the splendid after match refreshments.

Friendly Match, 22 June

Despite the showery weather four rinks of Welwyn players enjoyed an afternoon at Northaw & Cuffley resulting in a win to Welwyn 80 shots to 75. Top rink was Pauline Wilding, Peter Hammond, Val Challacombe and Skip Mike Clements 25-9. A lovely buffet meal was served after the match. Thank you Northaw & Cuffley for your warm greetings and hospitality.

National Top Club, 22 June

The National Top Club match between Welwyn and District and Oak Hill was never going to be anything but a very tight match. That is until both Mike Poole and Phil Russell won their singles games leaving us with only one more game to win. The fours started badly and never really looked like catching their opponents (Chris Read, Les Page, John Lee and skip Ian Snook). Alwyn Challacombe and Chris Sherriff seem to have made a happy partnership and their pairs match was nip and tuck all the way, in front one minute, behind the next. Malcolm Baldwin, Ted Webb and Barry Smith were faring much the same in the triples until a three on the penultimate end gave them a four shot lead, and a one on the final end gave Welwyn the match overall. Alwyn and Chris picked up four shots in the eighteenth and nineteenth ends of their game to bring their score to 20-16, at which point Oak Hill conceded as there was nothing to be gained by playing the last two ends, other than perhaps a bit of personal satisfaction.
Now we look forward to another home tie, this time with either Garston or Harpenden.

Welwyn Hatfield League

There were losses for both Welwyn & District teams this week in the Jubilee Cup, despite one rink from each team drawing their match.
The Welwyn Wanderers lost to Knebworth Blue by 10 shots. The away rink of Moira McKeown, Jim McKeown, Bob Bennett and skip Don Ellis lost by 26 shot to 16, whereas the home rink of Ray Uffen, Gary Shore, Graham Hart and skip Sylvia Ducat-Brown drew 20 shots each. This gave an overall score of 46 shots to 36 in Knebworth Blue's favour.
The Welwyn Woods team lost to the Harlequins by 18 shots. The home rink of Gloria Turner, Kate Green, Peter Hammond and skip Malcolm Marvell lost by 26 shots to 8, whereas the away rink of Babs Nicholson, Cyn Blakes, Dave Blakes and skip Les Page drew 15 shots each. This gave an overall score of 41 shots to 23 in Harlequin's favour.

East Herts League, 19 June

Welwyn Bucks beat Welwyn Harts, though the Harts made it a lot tougher than the Bucks expected.
Stan, Jim and Malcolm struggled against Les Pages triple but just came through 20-19. Ian, Norman, and David had a much easier win, 21-10 against Gus Edwards team. Another 6 points anyway, so well done to all.

Friendly Match, 19 June

On the hottest day of the year so far our visitors were from North Herts B.C. in Letchworth. Unfortunately one of the ladies for the North Herts team had been left behind (her lift had forgotten to pick her up), so Chris Sherriff, Sylvia Lane and Deb Squires found themselves playing against a pair. The visitors found the speed of the Welwyn Green difficult to cope with and this refelected in the scores. Chris Sherriff's rink won 24-6; Jean Webb's rink (Jean, Gary Shore and Frank Lane) won 24-11; Ted Webb, Alwyn Challacombe and Liz Edwards also won 24-11. The only bright spot for the visitors was their win against Sylvia Ducat-Brown, Ken Perry and Gloria Turner, who lost 16-26.

Ladies Friendly Match, 18 June

On a warm but overcast afternoon, Welwyn & District ladies entertained ladies' teams from deHavilland (1 rink) Knebworth (l triple) and Parkside (2 triples).
The rink playing deHavilland lost 14 shots to 30, but there were wins on all other rinks: Olive Perry, Barbara Marvel and Diana Barrett playing a Parkside team won 22-17 (Olive was Diana's "man of the match"!): Pat Thompson, Dorothy Henton and Mary Clements also playing a Parkside team won 29-12: Averil Balnaves, Val Challacombe and Jean Webb playing the Knebworth triple won 28-07.
This annual event against three different local clubs is like having a mini gala. They are Clubs that cannot put out a full team of ladies, so bringing four different clubs together has proved a popular and successful fixture. Thanks to our Greenkeeper for such a great green - we had compliments from our guests - although many struggled with the speed of the green!

East Herts League, 17 June

Not such a great result for the Bucks on Monday night away to Rosehill.
Ian, Norman, and David managed to scrape a 20-20 draw after a close game throughout, so well done to those lads. Chris, Robert, and Andy couldn't quite keep up and lost 12-16 having gone to sleep for 6 ends in the middle which cost them the game. So, only 1 point on the night, taking the total to 23 from 6 matches - not quite good enough, so must concentrate harder if promotion to be won at the end of the season.

Welwyn Hatfield League

In the John Brown Trophy there were different results for the Welwyn and District teams. The Welwyn Wanderers lost both home and away to the Jesters whereas Welwyn Woods won a very close match against Shire Park. The away rink of Alwyn Challacombe, Jillian Jennings and Liz Edwards lost by 11 shots but the home rink of Chris Squires, Malcolm and Barbara Marvell won by 11 shots and also won the extra end giving the Welwyn team a win by 33 shots to 32.
In the league the two Welwyn and District teams played each other in a very enjoyable and friendly match with Welwyn Woods being the victors. The Woods rink of Barbara and Malcolm Marvell and Les Page lost to the rink of Jim McKeown, Robert Ducat Brown and Norman Muller by 18 shots to 11 whilst the Woods rink of Liz Edwards, Jillian Jennings and Gus Edwards beat the rink of Moira McKeown, Alan Fitts and Sylvia Ducat Brown by 26 shots to 8. This gave an overall score of 37 shots to 26 in Welwyn Woods favour.

Friendly Match, 14 June

The match against Datchworth was delayed by rain, but after a cup of tea the skies cleared and four rinks of triples ventured onto the Welwyn & District green. It was decided that we would play until 5.30 p.m. when a meal was arranged. Most rinks played 14 ends and the final result was a win by one shot to Welwyn & District 45-44. It was a lovely friendly match with our neighbours from Datchworth, and the sun came out - what more could one ask? Thanks to our team of caterers in the kitchen and to Andy Scholes for providing bar service.

Friendly Match, 11 June

Four mixed rinks v. Riverain. WDBC won on three rinks, overall score 76-56. Top rink Bob Wells, Avril Balnaves, John Lee (skip).

National Top Club, 9 June

Fielding a team that was weakened by the absence of Phil Russell and Chris Sherriff, Welwyn and District set off to Royston.
In the event the team rose to meet the occasion and came away 3-2 winners.
Mike Poole won the two wood singles, but Andy Scholes lost in the four wood. Peter Townsend and Barry Smith had a hard time in the pairs, eventually conceding at 15-24 when it was apparent that the triples and fours held the destiny of the final result. Ian Snook, with the help of Nigel Woor, Norman Muller and Mich Clements hung on for a 22-20 win, leaving Ted Webb, John Lee and Malcolm Baldwin to round things off with a 20-16 win despite never having been in the lead till the sixteenth end.

Friendly Match, 9 June

A lovely afternoon of bowls in great company with the team from Sawbridgeworth, but a disappointing result.
6 rinks mixed playing, but a win on only the one rink.
D Barrett, R Ducat-Brown, P Wingham, P Thompson won 39-7. However overall, Welwyn lost 95-154.
Looks like Welwyn needed the help of those members playing in the Top 10 game at Royston later in the day.

Welwyn Hatfield League.

Welwyn Woods shared the points in a tied match with DeHavilland last week. The rink of Babs Nicholson, Averil Balnaves and Alwyn Challacombe won by 21 shots to 15, while the rink of Gloria Turner, Peter Bowyer and Chris Squires lost by 12 shots to 18. This resulted in an overall score of 33 shots to Welwyn and 33 shots to DeHavilland, resulting in them sharing the points 3 each.
Welwyn Wanderers however could only manage two points in their match away to Shire Park. The rink of Chris Read, Gary Shore and Bob Bennett won 17 shots to 13, while the rink of Norman Muller, Moira McKeown and Ray Uffen lost by 8 shots to 17. This resulted in an overall score of 25 shots to 30 in Shire Park's favour.

Friendly Match against Stevenage Town, 5 June 2013

The result of the match was a win for W&DBC by 70 shots to 58.
The scores:-
Cyn Blakes, Sylvia Ducat-Brown & Tony Holdcroft 14 Stevenage 16
Margaret Holdcroft, Ken Perry & Robert Ducat-Brown 14 " 13
David Blakes, Mick Clements & Mary Clements 18 " 19
Gloria Turner, Sylvia Lane & Chris Read 24 " 10

Welwyn Bucks, 5 June 2013

At home v Knebworth. the Bucks added another 6 points to give them a total of 22 from 5 games.
Kenworthy, Muller, & Baldwin led all the way to win 21-12, scoring a 7 on the 14th end to move the game out of reach of Knebworth from what had been a fairly close affair until then.
Read, Ducat-Brown, & Scholes started slowly, but turned a 4-12 deficit at 9 ends into a 29-14 victory by the end of the game, losing only one further end. The change to short jacks made all the difference!
Overall a good win by 50 pts to 26, which puts the team into a strong position at this early stage of the season.
Thanks due to Sylvia Ducat-Brown for the post match supper - especially her home made ginger cake!!

HBA Team Ten, 2 June 2013

With Hatfield being the visitors a closely contested match was always on the agenda and we were not disappointed. However in the end Welwyn won 5-3, losing the singles, drawing the triples and winning the pairs and the fours. Our next opponents will be either Tring or Whitethorn.
Scores: Sigles, Phil RUssell 17-21; Pairs, Alwyn Challacombe and Chris Sherriff, 20-12; Triples, Mike Poole, Ted Webb and Barry Smith 16-16; Fours, Peter Townsend, John Lee, Ian Snook and Stan Kenworthy, 26-17.

Friendly v, Ware, at Ware 1 June, 2013

There was much jollity in Priory Park as it was the day of the Ware Fete, and we had our own jollity on the adjacent bowling green. The talking point at the end of this friendly match was, without doubt, Dorothy Henton. Dorothy was "on loan" to Ted Webb's rink as the men were one short, and playing at two she made a very positive contribution to the final result, much to the chagrin of the opposing skip and three. Welwyn won on four of the five rinks, the ladies winning on both of their rinks, and the men winning on two and losing on one. Overall Welwyn won 99-74: the ladies won 34-30 and the men won 65-44. Full scores Liz Edwards, Pat Thompson, Hazel Wing and Mary Clements won 14-11; Val Challacombe, Deb Squires, Di Barrett and Jean Webb won 20-19; Mick Clements, Graham Daniels, Alwyn Challacombe and Mike Poole won 28-7; Gary Shore, Dorothy Henton, Chris Read and Ted Webb won 20-15; Bob Wells, Ken Perry, Gus Edwards and Chris Sherriff lost 17-22.

Welwyn hatfield League, 28 May 2013

Welwyn Woods dropped their first points of the season in their match against Knebworth Blue. In a very close match, the lead changed on the final end on both rinks resulting in a narrow win by Knebworth Blue by 1 shot. The rink of Liz Edwards, Dave Blakes and Averil Balnaves lost by 16 shots to 18, whilst the rink of Cyn Blakes, Kate Green and Les Page won by 15 shots to 14. This resulted in an overall score of 32 shots to 31 shots in Knebworth Blue's favour.
Welwyn Wanderers, on the same night, lost to Shamrock by 15 shots. The rink of Tony Smith, Moira McKeown and Sylvia Ducat Brown lost by 17 shots to 15, whilst the rink of Ray Uffen, Jim McKeown and Betty Singleton lost by 20 shots to 7. This resulted in an overall score of 37 shots to 22 shots in Shamrock’s favour.

Welwyn Stags, 28 & 29 May 2013

With two matches on successive evenings it was a busy week for the Stags. But six points from the away encounter at Shire Park followed by four points the following evening at Ware has to be seen as a satisfactory outcome.

Top Club, 28 May 2013

With six players on duty with the Stags away at Shire Park it was a reorganised squad that took to the green against Hertford Castles. Nevertheless we won 3-2 on the night, Mike Poole losing out in the two wood singles and Ted Webb's triple also losing (John Lee, Jim Summerfield and TW). However, Phil Russell won the four wood singles, Stan Kenworthy with Alwyn Challacombe triumped in the pairs and Ian Snook won in the fours (Andy Scholes, Norman Muller, Chris Read and IS).

Charity Gala Day, 27 May 2013

The sun shone, and six rinks of triples and two rinks of pairs played a sociable game to raise money for Isoblel Hospice. With a spider at the start, and an impromptu raffle for a bottle of whisky afr the meal at the end, a reasonable sum was raised.

Friendly against Rosedale, 25 May 2013

On a surprisingly warm sunny afternoon Welwyn and District entertained Rosedale B.C.
As Rosedale had been unable to come with enough bowlers several changes had to be made to the format, including Welwyn having to lend two men to Rosedale. Eventiually the ladies played a rink of triples and a rink of fours, winning on both rinks. Welwyn men "lent" two players to Rosedale so that we could play two rinks of triples and two rinks of fours. Rosedale won on three of the four rinks, but thanks to a 34-5 win on Ted Webb's rink, Welwyn won on shots difference. Honours even you might say.
Betty Singleton, Olive Perry, Sylvia Hill and Di Barrett (skip) won 16-14
Pat Thompson, Barbara Marvell and Jean Webb (skip) won 14-11.
Barry Kniveton, Mick Clements and Les Page (skip) lost 7-19.
Ken Perry, Malcolm Marvell and Malcolm Baldwin (skip) lost (19-22).
John Atkins, Ray Uffen, Andy Scholes and John Lee (skip) lost 14-19.
Bob Wells, Peter Wingham, Norman Muller and Ted Webb (skip) won 34-5,
The Ladies won 30-25. the Men won 74-65, overall Welwyn won 104-90.

Friendly at Borehamwood, 22 May 2013

On a cool May afternoon, 4 mixed triples visited Borehamwood. It was a very challenging green and Welwyn lost 56 shots to 64. We had a top triple: Deb Squires, Ray Uffen and Chris Sherriff with a score of 25 shots to 10!

Welwyn Bucks v. Hertford 21 May 2013

A good evening for the Bucks with another 4 points won v Hertford.
Scholes, Ducat-Brown, Read won 21-8 after a flying start giving a 9-0 lead after just 3 ends increasing to 19-2 after 10 ends. They then seemed to lose focus and allowed the opposition to catch up a bit, dropping 1 shot on 6 of the last 8 ends.
Humphreys, Summerfield, Kenworthy lost 15-22 with great credit being given to the opposing skip who rescued the Hertford triple time and again.
Overall a good 36-30 win giving the Bucks 10 points from the first 3 games.

Welwyn Hatfield League

In the Welwyn Hatfield League, Welwyn Woods won their second match beating DeHavilland by 14 shots. The rink of Babs Nicholson, Peter Hammond and Alwyn Challacombe won by 18 shots to 15 and the rink of Jillian Jennings, Val Challacombe and Les Page won by 20 shots to 9. This resulted in an overall score of 38 shots to 24 in Welwyn Woods favour. However, Welwyn Wanderers were less successful losing heavily to Knebworth Yellow by 29 shots. The rink of Terry Payne, Betty Singleton and Pat Thompson lost by 26 shots to 7 and the rink of Norman Muller, Sheila Grimmant and Ray Uffen lost by 23 shots to 13. This resulted in an overall score of 49 shots to 20 in Knebworth Yellow's favour. Welwyn Wanderers did however manage to get 2 points from their match with Shamrock where the rink of Terry Payne, Sheila Grimmant and Gary Shore won by 15 shots to 13 and the rink of Sylvia Ducat Brown and Tony Smith lost by 18 shots to 10. This resulted in an overall score of 31 shots to 25 in Shamrocks favour.

Ranson Cup, 20 May 2013

A win for Welwyn and District over Hertingfordbury by 45 shots to 34. The Home team of Alwyn Challacombe, Nigel Woor, Chris Sherriff and Ian Snook won 22-14; and the Away team of John Lee, Chris Read, Mike Poole and Barry Smith won 23-20

Top 10, 19 May 2013

Welwyn and District had a comfortable win at home over Sele Farm. Phil Russell won the singles,; Peter Townsend, Mike Poole and Barry Smith drew the triples; Alwyn Challacombe and Chris Sherriff won the pairs; and so Mick Clements, Tony Holdcroft, Nigel Woor and Ian Snook didn't need to finish the game that they were winning as the overall result had to be in Welwyn's favour as even if they had lost the final result would have been 2.5 to 1.5.

Friendly Match, Shire Park, 19 May 2013

After initial confusion over the venue (both clubs thought they were playing Away), it was agreed to hold the match at WDBC, so we had 3 Rinks men and 3 Triples ladies on a nice sunny afternoon. Results favoured WDBC this time.
Challacombe, Clements,Woor,Smith won 33-16. Knight, Uffen, Baldwin, Read won 21-20
Townsend, Atkins, Daniels, Poole lost 16-21. Overall win 70-57 and 2 rinks to 1 for men
For the ladies, Singleton, Challacombe, Wing lost 10-20; Perry, Henton, Barrett won 33-12; Wilding, Thompson, Ducat-Brown won 18-13.
An overall win 61-45 and 2 rinks to 1 for ladies
Special thanks to Mary Clements who went and bought in supplies to provide food at zero notice, and to Shire Park who kindly paid half of the cost - all because no one could decide who fault it was that the home/away arrangements were messed up.

Ladies Top Club, 18 May 2013

Welwyn Ladies took on St.Albans Clarence Park ladies at Welwyn and ended up victorious. Val Challacombe, makung her first apearance for the club at this level, won the singles 21-7; the triples, Betty Singleton, Sylvia Hill and Mary Clements won 23-13; Dorothy Henton, Jillian Jennings Sylvia Ducat-Brown and Jean webb won the fours 22-15; and unusually for Di, Sylvia Lane and Diana Barrett in the pairs posted the only loss, 10-34.

Eversley Trophy, 17 May 2013

Rowley Lane were the visitors on this occasion. Not a good night for some of us as Peter Townsend, Tony Holdcroft, Ted Webb and Barry Smith crashed 13-28. Wins by Alwyn Challacombe, Chris Read, Mike Poole and Phil Russell 20-16, and Ian Snook, Mick Clements, Nigel Woor and Stan Kenworth 17-13, were insufficient to give us the win. Final score 50-57. At least it didn't rain.

Top Club, 15 May 2013

The result of the Top Club match with Northaw and Cuffley was in the balance right to the end of th evening. Mike Poole got the evening off to a good start with a win against B.Parker in the two wood singles. Things then began to look bleak as Chris Sherriff and Peter Townsend lost in the pairs, and then Mick Clements, Chris Squires, Nigel Woor and Stan Kenworthy lost in the fours. John Lee, Ted Webb and Barry Smith were engaged in a close match in the triples, going into the last end all square, but finally coming away with a two shot victory. This left everything dependant on the result of Phil Russell's four wood singles match against R.Barwick, the result finally in Phil and W&DBC's favour and giving W&DBC a 3-2 overall win.
Final Scores (W&DBC first); 2 Wood Singles 15-12; 4 wood Singles 19-16; Pairs 12-21; Triples 18-16; Fours 19-23.

Welwyn Hatfield League, 15 May 2013

Welwyn took all the points from their home match against De Havilland. Babs Nicholson, Peter Hammond and skip Alwyn Challacombe won 18-15, and Jillian Jennings, Val Challacombe and Les Page won 20-9.

Herts County League, 13 May 2013

Despite losing by 12 shots on Chris Sherriff's rink, Welwyn and District took four points from Harperbury as Phil Russell's rink won by 19 shots. John Lee, Nigel Woor and Chris Sherrff lost 7-19; Jim Summerfield, Ted Webb, Mike Poole and Phil Russell won 32-13; Welwyn and District 39-32 winners.
Meanwhile in the ladies match Dorothy Henton, Pat Thompson, Hazel Wing and skip Mary Clements won 26-7, Harperbury Ladies conceding after 16 ends at which time the game was interrupted by driving rain.

East Herts League, 9 May 2013

As if to remind us that the league is serious, the weather changed from warm and sunny to overcast, windy, cold and wet.
Welwyn Stags entertained newly promoted Cheshunt,winning comfortably 25-7 on Phil Russell's rink, and having a keenly fought battle on the other. Well done Mick Clements, Chris Squires and skip Chris Sherriff, who despite having surredered a 9 shot lead hung on to win by 4 shots.
An overall win by 44-23, and the first six points in the bag

The first game of the season for Welwyn Bucks, also resulted in a win. Only by 1 point overall (32-31), but a win all the same and 4 points. Skip Ian Snook, Norman Muller, and Andy Scholes won with a 2 point margin (14-12) having led all the way, while Skip Stan Kenworthy, Chris Read and Malcolm Baldwin came up 1 point short (18-19) after a strong fightback from a 10 point deficit.
Overall a really good performance against a strong Rosedale side which last season graced Div 1 and looked like a real quality outfit.

Welwyn and District v. SADBA President's team. 7 May 2013

On a lovely sunny afternoon SADBA President Nigel Woor brought his district team to Welwyn. In an afternoon characterised by good fellowship and good bowling the President's men won on four of the six rinks. Welwyn and Distrcit being the President's home club, he decided to award highest winning rink prizes not only to "his" team, but also to the home team. The lucky recipients were Graha Hart, Tony Smith, Alwyn Challacombe and skip Ted Webb, who had won on their rink by 31-14. The afternoon concluded with a two course meal in the Club House.

President's team v. Captains' team. 6 May 2013

Fifty six club members bowled in lovely sunshine in the annual President's team v. Captains' team event and thoroughly enjoyed the day. Afterwards they sat down to a buffet meal laid on by Mary Clements, with lots of help from Pat Thompson. It is always said that the result doesn't matter in games such as these, and the result was close enough to substantiate this on the day.

Welwyn Hatfield League

On a very cold evening in the Welwyn Hatfield League, Welwyn Woods got off to a very good start to the season with a win against Shire Park. Welwyn Woods won by 13 shots with the rink of Chris Squires, Peter Bowyer and Babs Nicholson winning 20 shots to 13 and the rink of Gus Edwards, Jillian Jennings and Liz Edwards winning 22 shots to 16. This resulted in an overall score of 42 shots to 29 in Welwyn Woods favour.
Welwyn Wanderers lost their first match in the Welwyn Hatfield League losing to Knebworth Blue. Welwyn Wanderers lost by 10 shots with rink of Chris Read, Moira McKeown and Gary Shore losing 18 shots to 13 and the rink of Sylvia Ducat Brown, Jim McKeown and Bob Bennett losing 19 shots to 14. This resulted in an overall score of 37 shots to 27 shots in Knebworth Blue's favour.

Breakfast Bowls 20 April 2013

In the tradition of the Club, we celebrated the opening of the new season with a full english breakfast, after which the Club President, Reynold Wiles, declared the green open. Those who were not too full of breakfast then spent an hour or so in glorious sunshine, enjoying outdoor bowls after the winter lay-off.