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11 September, 2011
Maurice Downing Gala day

There could be only ONE Maurice Downing.
I first met MO when my employers moved my department to Dunstable from Welwyn Garden City, where I was the Direct Mail Manager, responsible for mail shots and representatives’ promotional items.
In re-locating, only one of my existing staff moved with me, whose job it was to maintain the machinery and oversee the operators for mail production. In recruiting NEW staff, a one Anita Downing, was appointed as my PA.
After a few weeks it became necessary that the Promotion Store needed a supervisor. Anita offered her father as a candidate. He was interviewed and employed.
I must say that Maurice was extremely conscientious in his work, and he particularly enjoyed his trips to Area Meetings of the 52 reps of the company. As MO was from Barnsley, he was given the northern regions, while I attended the south.
During the lunch hours in Dunstable, MO began to teach everybody on the site (well it seemed like that) the game of bowls. As we were opposite the AC Delco Bowls green, we took advantage of his experience and his enthusiasm to pass on his knowledge.
Without going into details of the reasons why, we eventually returned to Welwyn Garden City. MO was transferred to the Stationery stores while I was given a different role as researcher for a Sports & Social project.
One day, MO asked me if I would make up a four for bowls. I think the match was at KGV but this led to me joining the club MO belonged to - Welwyn & District. As they say, the rest is history.
Throughout his bowls life, he continued to coach me, for which I am very grateful, although I wish I had done better for him. It was very sad to lose MO, as a colleague, as a coach and a as a friend, but he will forever be in my memory.
Brian Russell
September 2011

10 September, 2011
Mike Poole and Phil Russell won the St.Albans and District "Herts Advertiser" Competition
Mike Poole won the "Steve Howe" Competition. Both matches played on our own green, along with the other SADBA Finals.

1 September, 2011
Unfortunately we lost against Royston today by 9 shots. WDBC 85, Royston 94 shots.
Our top rink was Alan Wilding, Pat Thompson and skip Sylvia Ducat-Brown

Bob Vise Final, 29 August 2011
In a keenly fought contest at Harpenden B.C., Welwyn and District Bowlers defeated Hatfield Bowlers to win the St. Albans and District "Bob Vise" Trophy final. Wins in the singles (Mike Poole), and the Fours (David Ratcliffe, John Lee, Barry Smith and Chris Sherriff) and a draw in the pairs (Malcolm Baldwin and Sam Smith) were sufficient to ensure the win, leaving Phil Russell's triple not needing to complete their game.

County League, 19 August 2011
W&DBC bowlers completed the league section of the County League with a convincing two rink win over Potters Bar. This should ensure top place in Division B as we were already ahead of Hatfield on shot difference and tonight's match added a further 27 shots. The play-offs on September 4 will involve W&DBC, Hatfield, and from Division A, Harpenden and Townsend. The winners from the two-round play-offs will go forward to represent County South against the winners from North, East and West at Garston later in the month.

Stags, 18 August 2011
A very tense night in the rain at Rosehill as David R. Barry S. and Chris S. drew with their opposition, and Mike P. Ted W. and Phil R. went into the last end also drawing. The last end was, as you would expect, incredibly tense. Mike had woods behind the jack and Ted's first wood nestled up to it. From then on Phil did a fantastic skips job directing covering woods, and playing accurate covering shots when he bowled. Their skip tried to shift our shot wood with running woods but on a challenging green was unable to do so, so Stags won, getting the five points. Top spot in the league is probably out of reach as Allenburys have had a fantastic season (unless they lose their last two or three games) and Stags need good results against Datchworth, Welwyn Garden City and Hertingfordbury.

Stags, 17 August 2011
After a delayed start the match against Havers Park resulted in a comfortable six points for the Stags. Ron, John and Barry won 18-7 whilst Mike, Ted and Phil cruised to a 29-5 victory. 35 shots to add to our shot difference. The early season losses to the two Hertford teams are really beginning to hurt now.

Herts are Champions, 17 August 2011
Not a surprise, I know, given the form of the squad over the last few months, but the Harts confirmed their championship credentials last night with 4 points away to WGC Tigers.
Graham, Arthur, and Bob led the charge with a 25-15 win, (not bad for a bunch of self confessed geriatrics with, I'm told, an average age of 85 - I'd never have dared ask!!) . Chris, Robert, and Andy came up short on the night, losing 12-17, largely on account of a very good young player named James Avery.
Nevertheless, 55 points from the 12 games played is an unassailable lead and the Harts can celebrate properly when the final league tables are published.
Well done to everyone in the team.
And good luck to the Bucks tonight.

County League, 16 August 2011
No comeback magic tonight at home to Hatfield. Mike P., Ted W., Barry S. and Phil R. struggled to keep the game to a 15-19 loss. Fortunately David R., John L., Sam S. and Chris S. won 26-15, giving us the overall result and four points.

County League, 15 August 2011
We visited North Mymms B.C. where Jim Summerfield, Malcolm Baldwin, Sam Smith and Chris Sherriff took the lead in the first end and were never seriously challenged throughout the game, eventually winning 29-6.
The situation on the other rink was very different though. Mike Poole, Ted Webb, Barry Smith and Phil Russell struggled to find both line and length, and by the twelfth end they were 5-17 down. Time for a change though and on the thirteenth end they picked up 5, and 5 again on the fourteenth, 1 on the fifteenth and 4 on the sixteenth. From that point on it was one way traffic with North Mymms struggling to score. Final score 26-18.

4 August 2011
Fantastic results from both Bucks and Harts this week with both teams scoring maximum points again.
Bucks got 6 points at Stevenage with Don, Graham, and Nigel N having a really tight game and winning by 3, and Stan, Jim, and Malcolm winning by 13. That gives the team 46 points with just 2 more games to play and moves them into 2nd place on shot difference. This division is wide open with most of the teams still capable of scoring over 50 points in total, although the odds are against a lot of them doing so. (See Links for league tables).
Two more wins will get the Bucks to 58 and an excellent chance of promotion. Next game on 17th August at home to Datchworth with Teams 1 & 3 playing. Good luck guys.
Harts also had a good win at Whithern with both Chris and Sam leading their teams to another convincing win. Now with a solid lead at the top and needing only 4 more points from the remaining 2 games to guarantee the championship (See Links for league table) with a fantastic shot difference.
Next game at WGC on 16th August with teams 1 & 2 playing....could be the clincher!!
Whatever happens now we will all have had a fantastic season, so well done to everyone. Lets try to close it out on a high.

4 August 2011
A great win for the Stags against Allenburys, considering that they were so far unbeaten this year in the East Herts League.
David, Ian and Chris lost when they went down four on the penultimate end (final score 15-18); but Mike, Ted and Phil cruised to a 34-8 win giving us four points.

Ladies Friendly v. Northaw and Cuffley. 4 August 2011
Diana Barrett's rink won 17-13, Mary Clement's rink lost 9-16, and Sylvia Ducat-Brown's rink won 18-14. Final result a 44-43 win for the Welwyn Ladies.

St.ALbans League v.North Mimms. 3 August 2011
The ladies won on both rinks, giving them maximum points.

3 August 2011
Phil and Mike are through to the final of the St. Albans District Pairs. Mike is also through to the St.Albans Officer's Singles semi-finals.

Four Mixed Triples v. North Herts 2 August 2011
We won overall 87 to 78
Wins for Sylvia Ducat-Brown , Derek Fletcher, and John Edwards 31-15
Also Robert Ducat-Brown, J Jennings, and Peter Hammond 19-17
Also Hazel Wing, Les PAge, and Gus Edwards 23-19
But a loss for Chris Read, Alan Fitts, and Pat Thompson 14-27

Potters Bar Ladies Open Gala 8 July 2011
Well done Margaret H. Dorothy H. Sylvia DB and Jean W. Gala Winners for the second year running.

East Herts League July 2011
A good night for the Harts over at Sawbridgeworth on Tuesday saw them pick up a full 6 points.
Chris (sub for Terry), Arthur and Bob pulled off a solid 25-13 win, and Sam, Graham, and Gus came in with a 18-14 win. A lovely location and a good green helped - shame about the rain!
Not so good for the Bucks this time out. Playing at home v Rosehill Kestrels, Nigel W, Norman, and David went down 15-24 after dropping 11 shots in 2 ends midway, (what happened there?) surrendering a lead they weren't able to regain, whilst Don, Graham, and Nigel N had a really tough time against some very good opponents and went down 7-24.
I reckon we need an average of 4.2 to 4.5 points per game over the whole season to get promotion. There's still time to do it, but the Bucks need 6 points from every game from now on, while the Harts have a little more leaway but can't afford to drop too many points. Currently Bucks on 18 from 7 games, and Harts on 23 from 6.
There is a link to the league tables web site in the Sponsors and Links section of the web site.

Ladies Captain's Day 2 July 2011

Ladies Triples Gala Tuesday 14th June 2011
Diana Barrett writes
Tuesday 14th June was blessed with a beautiful warm sunny day. Twenty-four teams gathered at Welwyn & District Bowls Club for a day good bowling and plenty of fun and laughter. With an excellent garden stall, the Club ladies' stall selling bric-a-bat and a raffle, there was plenty to occupy the players in between sessions of bowling. A ploughmans lunch was served and a well equipped tea bar served homemade cakes.
A special trophy has been presented to the Welwyn & District Club by Gerald Papworth MBE a past President of the club, in memory of David Barrett who had been a member for over 20 years and served as Treasurer, Chairman and set up the Club's website.
The winning team with 44 points was the Knebworth Team: Pat Beadle, Sally Varney and Sandy Smith.
Runners up: 43 points St. Albans Ladies team: Doreen Gray, Paruline Gardiner and Tricia Gascoine.
Third Place: 42 points Hat/Wel Ladies Helen Sinch, Gloria Polley and Brenda Collins.
The Spider was won by Gloria Polley

Harts & Bucks, 12 June
Chris write
Great result for the Bucks this week, away v Bishops Stortford Swifts. Nigel W skip'd Norman and David to a storming 26-8 victory, with Graham, Don, and Nigel N pulled off a 19-15 win, bringing home another 6 points. Well done guys, you learned your lessons well from the last visit there!!
Harts played at home on the same night v Aston Crowns. A close encounter, with the points shared. Chris, Robert, and Gus managed an 18-12 win whilst Graham, Arthur, and Bob went down by the same score having pulled back well from a very slow start......
Not seen any league tables yet, but the Bucks have 14 points and the Harts have 17, both having played 5 games. Not championship form yet, but we can still get there if we keep on winning.

Eversley, 3 June
As expected, this was a tough one and Harpenden came with a strong team including two Middleton Cup bowlers. Phil Russell's rink held on for a victory, but Barry Smith's and Chris Sherriff's rinks both lost. Final score 41-65.

Top Ten, 2 June
The visitors were Harperbury, and on a beautiful evening when the green was running really well they must have wished that they had stayed at home.
In the Singles, Les Roberts was unfortunately taken ill, so Phil Russell had an easy win. The pairs (Malcolm Baldwin and Sam Smith) went a bit wild, winning 36-11. The Triples (John Lee, Stan Kenworthy and Barry Smith) tried hard to out-do the Pairs, but only managed a 27-5 win. The fours (David Ratcliffe, Nigel Woor, Ted Webb and Chris Sherriff) got off to a slow start, being down 2-7 after six ends, but by the time they got to 12 ends the score was 22-7; eventually they ran out winners at 30-14.
107-38 overall.

East Herts League, 31 May
The Stags got off to a winning start in their defence of the League 1 Title with a convincing win away at Sele Farm.
David Ratcliffe, Ian Snook and Chris Sherriff won 22-12; Mike Poole, Ted Webb and Phil Russell won 27-12.
Six points and a +25 shot difference.

Hooray for the Harts
Chris Read writes
Another marauding performance from the Harts squad tonight at Standon & Puckeridge. On a freezing cold night and on a 'green' that wasn't the easiest, the Harts team pulled off a 53-26 win - so another very welcome 6 points.
It was subs night out, with Chris, Robert, and Andy coming in with a 28-14 score (including a 'Hotshot 9' on the 4th end), and Sam, Graham, and Bob bringing home a 25-12 win with only 6 ends lost. Brilliant performances all round, so well done and thanks to you all.
Now with 14 points from the 4 games played the squad are starting to show their true potential. Lets keep it going and try to win this division.
Next match at home to Aston Crowns on June 13th. Chris subbing for Terry that night, with Gus on food duty.

East Herts League, 23 May
Chris Read writes
Tough evening for the Bucks this week on what I imagine was a cold and miserable night out at Bishops Stortford. The green there is very exposed as I recall, not to say a bit lumpy last time I was there? I'm sure all that had a bearing on the result:
Nigel W, Norman, and David went down 11-28, and Graham, Don, and Nigel N lost 13-17, so 'nil pointe' this week.
A better result for the Harts, at home to Ware Wolves, this time.
Chris, Robert, and Andy scored a 21-8 win, and Sam, Terry, and Bob came in with a 24-12 victory. Great stuff and 6 points scored.
So, both teams currently on 8 points. Perhaps we should have a little competition between the two squads - see who can do best in their division, and get the losers to buy the winners a drink or two? Or maybe not!
Next outing for the Harts is as soon as this coming Thursday (26/5), away at Standon and Puckeridge - at least we know which way we will be playing there - lol. Lots of subs for that one, so Team 2 will be Chris, Robert and Andy (all subs), and Team 3 will be Sam, Graham and Bob. Meeting at 5.00 at the S&S.
Bucks get a break until 31st May - playing Parkside at KGV (floodlights there if needed!!). Teams 1 and 3 out that night, with Nigel W subbing for Graham, and David playing for Jim.
Good luck everyone - looking forward to 6 points each??

National Two-Fours, 22 May
Against Croxley Guild, at Croxley Green, Welwyn men won on both rinks to progress to the next round
Dave R. Ian S. Barry S. and Phil R. won 20-16
Mike P. Nigel W. Ted W. and Chris S. won 23-13.

Ladies Top Club, 21 May
Our ladies beat Clarence Park, St. Albans on saturday, to progress to the next round.
Diana Barrett won the singles 21-6;
Dorothy Henton and Jean Webb lost in the pairs 11-26;
Barbara Marvel, Betty Singleton and Mary Clements won the triples 19-13;
Sylvia Ducat-Brown, Sybil Noel, Hazel Wing and Sue Wingham won the fours 19-16.

Maurice Watson Trophy day, 19 May
64 bowlers from 16 clubs in the St.Albans and District contested this annual trophy chrarity match on a beautiful afternoonm at Welwyn, the final result only being determined on a countback, two teams having the same shot difference.

S.A.D.B.A.President John Lee presents the trophy to winners - Berkhampstead B.C.

Ladies away at Potters Bar, 18 May
Sue Wingham writes
reluctantly todays result!
Welwyn and District Ladies v Potters Bar Ladies ( St Albans and District District rinks league)
Jillian Jennings, Kate Green, Sylvia Ducat Brown, Sk, Mary Clements won 23-18>
Ivy Sykes, Deborah Squires, Diana Barret, Sue Wingham Lost 13-32
WDBC 30 points Potters Bar 50 points

16 May

A busy evening at the green as we had a County League match against Harperbury, the Bucks were at home to Cheshunt, and the Harts were also at home to Roebuck.
For the Bucks, Stan Kenworthy's rink won 41-4, but the other Bucks rink lost 10-17. 4 Points however.
The Harts were less fortunate however, getting only two points from an 18-15 win and a 8-19 loss.
In the County League game Phil Russells rink struggled to get into the game until a six shot winning end brought them back into contention (Only to drop a six some ends later). The fought on however, and eventually ran out 22-20 winners. Chris Sherriffs rink were always in command and won 25-13.

Chris Read writes
Guys......another 'interesting' match night on Monday.
For the Bucks, a resounding 51-21 win v Cheshunt with Stan and his team 'walking on water'.
Stan, Don, and Nigel won 41-4 which compensated for Nigel, Norman, and Malcolm going down 10-17 in a tough game. Overall enough to win 4 points to add to the 4 the squad won at Rosehill the previous week. So 8 out the 12 available points is a pretty good start to the season.
A slower start for the Harts with a loss to Much Hadham (0 points) last week and just 2 points won against Roebuck on Monday. Chris, Robert, and Andy managed a 3 point victory but that was not enough to cover the 11 point deficit on the other rink (Arthur, Gus, and Bob). Never mind, that is the two hardest games out of the way against the 2 teams relegated into the 3rd division at the end of last season, so hopefully we will pick up from now on.
Looking forward now to the next matches, on Monday 23/5 for both squads.
Bucks away to Bishops Stortford - teams 2 and 3 play.
Harts at home v Ware Wolves - teams 1 and 3 play, with Bob subbing for Gus - Robert on food duty.

Good luck again everybody.......I'm looking forward to writing the next report ??

Away at Rosehill, 14 May
Chris Sherriff writes
Today we had 4 mixed triples at Hoddesdon Rosehill BC: they had 6 triples. A close encounter. However the home team had an additional 6 players and the triple allocated to W&DBC lost 10-24.
S. Hill C. Duxbury. J Gibb 20-12
G Edwards, J Jennings, A Knight 9-21
R Uffen, D Henton, C Sherriff 24-15
D Atkins, R Ducat-Browns, M Clements 15-19
W&DBC 68 - 67

Bucks v. Harts, 3 May 2011
Chris Read writes
Thanks everyone for turning up on time and getting the session off to a good start. Think I was the only one nearly late!! Thanks also to everyone who has now paid their Away Match fees - and no, you won't be dropped now !!
I think it all went well. The banter was good, and the practise was especially useful as we have our first matches coming up on Mon 9th May - for both squads.
So, what happened??
Well the Bucks won overall by 67 to 48 even with the handicap of having to change rinks every session. Well done you Bucks. Hope you can carry that form forward into the league fixtures and do yourselves proud.
As for the Harts.....not too bad, just need a bit more practise and to keep the faith. The opposition in Div 3 won't be as tough as we faced tonight.The Bucks were actually very good!
Bucks 1, Stan, Jim, and Malcolm - overall 23-17, net 6
Bucks 2, Nigel, Norman, and David - overall 26-11, net 15 so Top Bucks Rink
Bucks 3, Graham, Don, and Nigel - 18-19, net -1

Harts1, Chris , Robert, and Andy - overall 15-20, net -5
Harts 2, Graham, Mike, and Bob - overall 14-17, net -3 so best Harts Rink
Harts 3, Terry, Arthur, and Gus - overall 19-24, net -5

So, on to the first matches.
Bucks - Mon 9th May, Away. Teams 1 and 3 play
Harts - Mon 9th May, Home. Teams 1 and 2 play
Good luck, and I'll let you know how we all get on.

Captains' v. President's Teams, 2 May 2011
A win by one shot for the captains' Teams

Captains' Highest Scoring Rink
President's Highest Scoring Rink

St.Albans Townsend, 1 May 2011
The club Captain experienced victory in the first match of the season.
W&DBC played away at St Albans Townsend today in the St Albans and District Club League. We lost narrowly by one shot on one rink, whilst the other three rinks won comfortably. The overall score was W&D 96, Townsend 62. Top rink was Andy Scholes, Jack Richardson, John Lee and Barry Smith winning 27 - 9. The league points were 65 - 15.